Water: War Is Coming!

thEVQ5X1S5Water is not an issue that many people talk about in the developed world. Turn on the tap and let it run, or buy a bottle just about anywhere. Down the pub, the more likely debates concern, immigration, political correctness or that government pay no heed to what ordinary people want or need. Water then is not a topic unless there is a flood or a drought. Only when such incidents occur and the media cover it does it warrant any discussion. There is an obsession with trivia because that’s what the media cover. Without a flood or some such big event trivia rules the waves.

Water, water everywhere, BUT we don’t have much to spare. While 70% of our planet is covered by water only 3% is drinkable. Of the 3% nearly 2% is to be found in ice mass. Thus doing the maths we can judge that there’s not much left for people. Moreover, we use water twice as fast as the population is growing and the population is growing by millions each and every year.

Sobering Facts:

  • The Sahara Desert is expanding.
  • Pakistan is already the most water stressed in the world.
  • China is heading towards ‘catastrophic consequences’.
  • Every state in the USA has water shortage issues.
  • In the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, and Syria are using more water than is being replenished.
  • 50% of our wetlands have gone!!!!!

Nearly two (2) million people die every year from unclean water. Not necessary!!

 The list goes on and on. When water is in short supply it will affect the price of everything. We may have to change our eating habits as producing food uses more water than any other business!!!!th9A01CFI4

Is this just a scare story? No!! But reality is often more scary than a horror movie. The present debate on immigration will be miniscule in comparison to water rights.

Get the facts; read my post: Water: Too Good to Waste!






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