Politics – not me?

I can’t tell you the number of people who say, “I don’t do politics”. What a load of….(find me an appropriate word).

You cannot divorce yourself from politics. Some folks think they can but really, they just don’t like making decisions. They want all the pressure and stress of decision making taken out of their hands.

Hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hum the politicians.

Politicians are quite willing to run your life:

  • the tax you pay
  • hours you work
  • pay increases
  • rights you have (or not?)
  • when you can retire
  • what school your kids can go to
  • on & on & on

Is that really what you want?

Mind you, even if you do vote in every election you still have little say. It’s like walking into a restaurant and asking for, steak, eggs & chips and the waiter brings you, salad on french toast.

You say, “Hey, I didn’t order that”.

“No sir, but you ain’t in charge. Are you?

Politicians are much the same; they think we need to be looked after. Just as a parent looks after a child. And while you may get angry at times with decisions made on your behalf, politicians brush that aside. They know that that anger won’t last for long (just like other parts). It’s easy to understand really; you have a life to live, bread to put on the table, therefore, your priorities force you to focus on every day things. So, you get screwed!

What’s it all about….

Politicians don’t care if you don’t vote. You shy away from responsibility; they feel compelled to take it upon themselves. More power , nothing to do with conscience. It’s more to do with self-importance. Once they have the power, you’ll never get it off them.

Your only control over politicians is your vote. Just make a point of not voting for one of the main Parties.

Suggestions: Monster Raving Looney Party, or

Join C.R.A.P. and end the ….           (Fill in the blank).