The Drawbridge Brothers

There are an enormous number of hurdles and barriers that prevent the people of the globe from acting as a homogeneous tribe. We are a long way away from achieving such a goal – even if we consciously recognised it as a goal. Three mammoths stand in our way; I have called them the Drawbridge Brothers: Nationalism, Diversity and Religion. We have allowed them to dictate our existence.

·         There will be a separate post for each ‘brother’.

They are not in any order of importance because they each serve as a shackle. The three brothers are linked by diversity but can stand independently. They are a huge mental block on our ability to think but ironically they shelter us from the harsh decision making that is necessary if we are to progress as a society. The basic question is how the world population can move forward to become humankind? In my humble opinion all three must be banished into the dustbin of history.

The hatred out there is tangible and is found in every country. Without relying on glib answers we need to think and reflect on why and on how we can find a solution as to why there is this latest intensity of hatred. Those whose life is determined by glib will automatically point to the Drawbridge Brothers as the answer and in the same action blame those who do not agree with them as the main cause of the division between people.

Of course we can point to poverty as a cause of division which is right. We can point to the super rich, particularly the nouveau riche, who rub the noses of the poor in it. We can point to:

·         Large scale immigration.

·         Lack of jobs.

·         The galling disrespect showered on the general populace by the establishment which treats them as ne’er-do-wells for questioning such ideological diktats as diversity.

·         We can point because that’s what we do when we don’t have an answer.

You can point, I can point, and we can ride point to point and, then dance the paso doble. Alternatively, we can start to question and keep questioning until we find answers based on reason. Maybe Socrates should be compulsory in schools.

Unfortunately, the establishment have an agenda which they are committed to and for many their political careers and wealth depends on raising their hand at appropriate times. They do have the support of the left-wing middle classes – the, I’m alright jack mob – an alternative jibe to the Peter Seller’s movie.

This grouping feels somewhat obliged to help the poor; know what I mean darling. They will adopt any ruse to make themselves appear caring and cosmopolitan in outlook. What’s informally known as the ‘luvvie mob’. Without thought they bandy their latest credentials as an armband of, so-in-crowd, and think nothing of any hangover from consequence.

It’s the lack of thought, of reflection that keeps the well-meaning shackled to their visions. If they believe it and those around them believe it too, well, it must be right, mustn’t! They do not understand that having a set political agenda is a blind spot.

Walk into a church on a Sunday morning whilst the congregation is dutifully listening to the preacher. Then step aside and let the beggar behind you walk down the aisle and note the number who; clasp their noses, move visibly away from the aisle and, the number who look to the preacher to take control of the situation. The distaste will be palpable. Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.

Watch as the vaunted raise their flag; listen to their vehemence as their voice catches the cords of their anthem. The beast inside roars and beats his chest and the feeling of euphoria banishes rational thought. We cannot converse with these persons; they have been inhabited by a different personality. However, talk is what we must do and talk and talk if necessary.

Meanwhile, in the wilderness the howls of reason are deadened by the sound of the sleeping multitude.  Emotion rides past and gives a two-finger gesture to intellect, rational and reflection.

Bubble Wars


Bubble Folk are the creation of a lack of reliable informative information the cause of which is mass media and political spin. It also has to do with peoples need to be a part of something. Television and newspapers promote the views of those who own them or who run them (BBC). Thus the predominant opinions we are given are those of the elite.

It’s increasingly difficult to find an objective opinion out there. Without a truly independent analysis of events that uses ‘why’ at the beginning of each question we never get to the crux of the matter. Basically we are treated as cannon fodder by the elite. We the public don’t need to know the ins and outs of an issue; it is their job to look after our interests. They ain’t doing a good job!

A Case in Point:

Recently after the Brexit vote in the UK and the general rise of people power across Europe I’ve heard Jean-Claude Juncker the EU commissioner state on three different occasions that they, the political elite, should not be held back by the rise in populism. Such statements suggest a number of things to me:

  • He does not accept democratic accountability.
  • There is by association the view that people have no idea what they need or want.
  • The political class see themselves as an elite.
  • That he and his ilk are Bubble Folk!!!
  • They have no desire to listen and no intention to act on the public vote.




Notwithstanding, we can only make decisions on the bases of the information we receive. Being bombarded by one view or by two strongly opposing views makes it all the more difficult to reach a rational, objective conclusion.

The other problem is that time on TV isth1zoq2kiv restricted and so much of what we get comes down to political sound bites. We have become the peoples of puerile language: texting, twitter and Facebook and all the rest. Billions of text messages are sent every day, much of the content of little relevance. I know I’m one of the culprits! E.g. what’s for dinner? Put the kettle on etc.etc.. I fancy a pint?

Moreover, politicians are their own worst enemy when it comes to presenting a point of view. Invariably they do not answer the question put to them but chose to state the message they want to get across. In so doing promote their own belief and their political party. They are cheap car salesmen! However, people have started to doubt whether politicians know what the truth looks like.

th13r6b7kgEventually political spin wears thin and the electorate switch off when the politicians start to speak. This acquired deafness is now a worldwide phenomenon as people realise that the political elite represent themselves. Reality of their living situations has forced ordinary Joes to recognise this simple truth.


Case in Point:

EU – Canada trade deal due to be signed this month, October 2016. The package was worked out in secret its conditions to be imposed on the populace. Business gets what it wants and the people, well, there might be some jobs created. But others will be lost! There will be some scraps left on the table.

Bubble Orgasm:

The political class were stunned by the recent referendum decision to ‘Leave’ the EU, June 2016. The ‘Remainers’ were apoplectic, overcome with convulsions of disbelief, some wanted to storm the barricades of working class areas and beat the …. out of them. It seems democracy is only permitted when the electorate vote according to diktat.

Those who voted to Remain cannot accept the vote and cannot give up on the issue, so convinced are they that the people have made a mistake. Little or no thought is given to why 17 million voted to Leave. Here in lies the crux of Bubble Folk – only they can be right.

  • Why did so many people vote to leave?
  • Why did they feel so disillusioned?
  • Why had this disillusionment not been addressed before?
  • Why have the ‘elite’ not shared more of the nation’s wealth?
  • Why were the ‘Leavers’ lambasted as racist etc.?

I‘ll go back to a point made earlier that the reality of their living situationthII1V3PKP forced the electorate to think of their needs and not those of the elite. There is a lesson in this situation for the elite to comprehend: – when you treat people like …. they will react.


Abortion: the Bubble War

There are few other issues that raise blood pressure more than abortion. This is trench warfare in the modern age. No middle ground, no room for compromise, not even a smattering of space for dialogue. No game of Christmas football here. The antagonists are trapped in their respective bubbles.

While there is logic in both arguments it is absent in the antagonistic approach each side has towards the other. There concrete stance has become the home of intolerance. It has become a war of attrition.

In political terms support in the Houses of power is determined by the numbers in each district. Whichever group has the largest number gets the politician’s backing. In these circumstances democracy is pushed along not by what is best for all of society but who has the loudest gob.

New Picture (1)Shout loud and shout long seems to be the best route to get your way. One more reason why ordinary Joes are fed up with the political system is that they are not heard but any minority with a loud gob is.



We Trust in God:

All religions are made up of bubble folk. Many use their belief system to promote their political aspirations but cannot identify the hypocrisy in so doing.

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary:

So the old song goes. It may well be a long way but it’s even longer to get to true democracy. It’s a steeplechase with so many ditches and a host of hurdles. We are transient folk, all of us, but politicians take it to a different level by their pre-election pledges that quickly become obscure and the newly elected abstruse when in power.

Our failure to make progress comes from the sheer lack of information that the people receive as to what is best for the whole of society as opposed to the demands of the elite. We have tranche after tranche of interest groups intransigent in their defence of their patch. There is much talk about the need of interest groups in a pluralist society.

Of course very few would like to live in a Stalinist environment or any fascist state. However, when groups become adamant in their approach and almost puritanical in outlook they become a hindrance to progress as they develop Stalinist tendencies.

Numerous environmental groups of various hues claim to have the best interest of society as their prime concern yet never stand together. Their interest seems parochial and in this sense serves the interest of the establishment and not that of society as a whole. They are the bubblers! thm83e71td

In God’s Name!

thHDQGIV03Recently there has been a rash of suicide bombers and skilled and unskilled terrorist attacks. Over centuries we have witnessed carnage in the name of religion. Today religion stills plays a central role in conflict throughout the world. Or are the true perpetrators the dark deities of money and power.

The world press are talking about France and the atrocities that took place there in the past week, 7th / 10th January. The killing of the satirists of Charlie Hebdo was senseless; the later killing at the Jewish bakery was blind hatred and as senseless as the killing of the police woman. There can be no justification for such murder. It was an apparition of psychological control by outside forces. The problem with belief is that it lives in one season and that season can be determined by the believer.

If it is winter the abstract believer sees only dark and hears only the squawk and the squish of the landscape. Spring with its thrusting energies struggling for life, seems far off. Summer is but a distant lullaby and, autumn with its alluring contrasts, for some, holds only the drawn-out winter to come. Belief can contort all around you until all that you see are hopeless puppets living in a fairy-tale.

I have no doubt that religious belief can bring much joy and satisfaction to some, but the other side of the coin is the construct of man and the lust for money and power that follow as a shadow. It is therefore incumbent upon all who accept their faith as a blessing to openly condemn those who would portray their faith, in such a fashion, as to be mistook as the devil’s own handy work.

While France has captured the headlines there are many other parts of the world where carnage vents its ugly face. Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen have all suffered gravely from similar attacks. The list is long and unfortunately it is a list that quantifies hate.

Over recent months Nigeria has woken to excessive horror. In November 2014 forty-thZC9YPUWLeight (48) were murdered at a school assembly by a child suicide bomber. On New Year’s Eve, in the city of Gombe another child bomber failed to reach her target but killed one soldier and injured another. The next day and yet another child bomber failed to reach the target, a church, but died in trying. On January 9th, a child bomber killed a possible 19 and injured more than twenty in the city of Maiduguri. The following day, in Potiskum in Yobe state two more blasts as two children killed three (3) and caused injury to over forty.

The savagery of these events does not lie only with the innocent ruthlessly cut down but also with the use of children as bombers. These were kids who had no chance of comprehending the complex nature of politics; whose minds had previously been filled with dreams and aspirations, but in the immediacy wanted their mum. Used as cannon balls, as worthless individuals, to perpetrate atrocities on behalf of adults.

Such adults will never know understanding because their belief lives forever in winter. There is no intellectual capacity in the minds of these men, for they cannot comprehend the needs of others and therefore will never fathom the depths of themselves. They are trapped on an endless merry-go-round that never passes go.

In Peshawar Pakistan 150 people, mostly children slaughtered at a school by the Taliban. Why? Do not tell me that you have a ‘cause’. No ‘cause’ would use the bodies of children as a battering ram. Certainly, no ‘cause’ that has humanity. Barbarity is the last recourse of those who intuitively know that they face defeat. The past will not be re-invented and the harder they kick the closer their demise looms.

Likewise in Iraq, a 14 year old child taken from his home in Syria to blow himself up and in the process kill as many others as possible. He probably didn’t know where he was and almost certainly did not understand why he was carrying out this act of terror.

Suicide bombers are fragile beings, usually young and who have been brainwashed or forced by some fear into a philosophy that has closed the door on humanity. Any revolution, any struggle for power should at its bases have the majority as the winners of any outcome. The only alternative is to attempt to impose a dictatorship, a fascist regime.

To murder and to force the scattering of survivors by the razing of 16 villages as at th3R87WKY7Baga, north-east Nigeria, suggests a principle of victory at any cost, whether it benefits the people or not. Victory for the sake of victory has only power and money as a consideration. The ‘cause’ has been lost in the melee of the armed struggle.

Several groups who started with a clear vision have ended up as corrupt as those they oppose. In Peru, Afghanistan, in Nigeria and elsewhere those in opposition have succumbed to criminality through the sale of drugs etc. all in the ‘virtuous’ need to continue the struggle. The use of children and the criminality suggests a weakness. A weakness that oozes from their pores as a sweat would after a 10K run. They have entered and become a part of the world they oppose. They have wandered blindly in and, are unaware that their vision is crumbling.

Moreover, these terror attacks have given new life to weak politicians. Politicians that faced being ousted from office, now stand strong, statesman like, and speak for the nation. They can now revel in the adulation that was never intended for them. Governments are now racing to introduce new laws to curb the terrorist but in doing so will curb the freedom of all. The politicians now demand control over the internet to check our every thought. Big brother will seize the opportunity.

Also, the terrorists have caused a fissure in our society. For those who oppose democracy it is a welcome boost, for those who believe in democracy it is a loss. The anti-Muslim marches in the German town of Dresden that had 200 walkers in October had 25,000 on Monday 12/1/15.

The press don’t help either, so intent are they with their own political agenda. On Monday’s march in Dresden the Daily Mail reported 40,000, the Independent gave the figure of 25,000 and qualified their coverage by informing readers that there were counter demonstrations of 8,000 in Dresden as well as 4,000 in Berlin. However, France 24 news channel suggest that the counter demonstrators equalled 100,000 but gave no evidence for such a claim. Please, don’t try and brainwash me. Perhaps you believe us to be feeble. At a time of heightened tension we do not need such bias reporting as that of France 24. Give us the facts and let us make up our own mind. Freedom of thought!

I have no angst that the French comedian Dieudonne has aired his views and don’t agree with his arrest. We also have TV stations giving air time to al Qaeda claiming to have ordered the killings and in praise of those who carried out the murders. The same piece incites others to do as the French killers have done. (Was this appeasement?) I don’t like anyone promoting murder and would not give them air time. I could never condone the murder of an innocent.


Furthermore, many media outlets have refused to show the cartoon that sparked thethXK46FOCW killings. Nor will they show the most recent one produced by Charlie Hebdo. In the eyes of the fanatic division is a weakness. We must surely ask if tolerance has a gate that it will not pass through, especially if that demand for tolerance comes from an intolerant source. And, can we permit religious fanatics to dictate to an increasingly secular society?

I am not afraid of the views others hold as long as they are willing to discuss them rationally and openly and without violence. We learn and grow from such dialogue. I am not afraid because if we both grow then everyone benefits.

Will God end the pain? No. God is in the living not the theory.

thB7HQI3MQJe suis Charlie



Same Sex Marriage: The Sheep Dogs are Out!

Those who believe that democracy is a sham now have before them a proof that they can hold up in public. The political agenda of the ‘elite’ has taken precedence over all the usual democratic procedures. In the UK and France the issue of Same Sex Marriage (SSM) is being forced through both parliaments without due regard for consultation with the electorate.

Lead on!

Lead on!

The French government under President Hollande claim legitimacy on the basis of 53% of the vote at the election last year. This premise is false as SSM was not overtly discussed at the time of the election. Many of the electorate would have merely cast their vote to get rid of the previous incumbent, Sarkozy. Some 400,000 people protesting on the streets suggest that it does not command wide support. In England no political party had an overall majority and thus no mandate to impose SSM, which no Party raised prior to the election. The coalition government are simply pushing it through.

It does not matter what your individual stance on the issue is, the real story concerns the political agenda of the ‘elite’ and why single sex marriage is being rolled out globally. Who is behind this agenda and why single sex marriage at this particular time?

Let us not pretend that society welcomes this change to their otherwise orthodox lives. Let us not pretend that this is a necessary change. Let us not pretend that politicians are pursuing their course of action because of a groundswell of support. This is part of a much larger political agenda with a comprehensive perspective in mind. That it is being promoted worldwide tells us that it is not a locally generated programme. It would seem that local politicians are not in control and many no doubt will be against it but are, like us, being railroaded into accepting it.

There are many stories and films about conspiracy theories and some may suspect that I am perpetuating another. Some may also suspect that if I opened my door that the ‘men in white coats’ will be waiting to usher me off. I have no plans to open the door just yet!

However, suspicion needs to be clarified and in a democracy open and frank discussion is supposed to be an integral part of the process. But as with immigration, when people have voiced an opinion or doubt they have found themselves quickly attacked as: racist, bigot, nimby, homophobic and Neanderthal etc. This is the way now with our new brand of politics, intimidation. Where intimidation is allowed to thrive a democracy cannot exist. Intimidation was and is the preserve of dictators.

I don’t know of any religion that would openly welcome homosexuals into their church. So why are political organisations, predominately of the ‘left’ (more susceptible) intent on making same sex marriage into law? Why is it so important? Many people, probably the majority get married in a Register Office, while others chose a venue to suit their preference: castle, hotel, village hall or up a mountain etc. Humanists who are non- religious provide their own wedding ceremonies. Millions don’t even bother to get married at all. So why the sudden clamour for same sex marriage in a church, a synagogue or a mosque?

The suspicion must be that marriage in a church is not the real issue. Rather it is a determined action to loosen the yoke of the church, in effect to destabilize religion. Therefore we have to consider the possibility that the Gay community is not so much being supported in a campaign for equality but are being used as a battering ram by those who want to contain religion and its perceived power now and in the future.

Homosexuals are different; they acknowledge that fact and celebrate their individuality in various ways: clubs, bars, meetings, parades etc. On the other hand, perhaps these insular settings are because they feel ostracized in society. However, they are to all intents and purposes an independent body within our community. They want respect for who they are and if respect is forthcoming it will be reciprocated. That is community!

Unfortunately, Gay people know that not all agree or accept them. That some faiths will

Let's talk!

Let’s talk!

never reconcile themselves to acknowledge that being gay is okay. Have we reached an impasse that can only be remedied by recourse to a legal gavel? Is this a case of intransigence versus intransigence; of a simple, I will not accept ‘no’ as an answer? Is there a principle at stake? A principle is merely an opinion that your view is superior too or supersedes the other. That your view is correct is a political construct and becomes a motivation based on your belief. Is it really about equality for that is a whole different equation.

Can equality be a dictated policy handed down by those who hold power? Oh, laws can be passed; in fact we have laws; Equal pay Act 1970 and the Sex Discrimination Act 1985, have they delivered the sought after goal? NO! Both these laws came up against the ‘One Great Demagogue’ – Capitalism! Not that the ‘One Great Demagogue’ would interfere in gay marriage but it’s illustrative that you can’t just pass laws and expect compliance forthwith or on going. You cannot force people to download your beliefs and delete their own. Who is right them or you? It’s a political catch 22. Take it away, Frankie – ‘Two Tribes go to war…’

Recent history has given us a lesson on forcing people to live together. With the disintegration of the Communist Bloc and in consequence the great communist experiment of forcing people to live cohesively, burst. The resultant break up of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia witnessed an eruption of sectarianism, and hatred spewed from every vent. Thousands died, neighbour murdered neighbour and genocide was only avoided by sending in the troops.

Now that the Junta has relaxed their iron grip on the people of Burma sectarianism has raised its ugly head and scores have died. Pent up feelings need to be let out and rationalized before they become a source of hatred.

The riots in Turkey this week (June 2013) are an indication of how pent up anger can suddenly explode onto our streets. The decision to bulldoze a local park in a small town fed into a national frustration and the petrol bomb came out.

An interesting point is raised by the Secular Society in their statement that “…individuals have rights, ideas do not.” However, if the individual has a thought and wants that thought to be transmuted into a benefit for themselves and/or those who share a common view, then they are promoting a political doctrine. Therefore taking a lead from the secularists, the idea has no rights. A further point of clarification is required here; does the individual have more rights than the community or society? If so, what is the point of democracy?

thCA2WEO4VAnother point raised is as follows: “Secularism seeks to ensure and protect freedom of religious belief and practice for all citizens”. All sounds positive until you read the ‘rider’. “…insofar as it does not impinge disproportionately on the rights of others”. The question therefore is; how does the marriage of a heterosexual couple in a church ‘impinge disproportionately’ on the rights of others? The answer may lie with another statement, “Secularism champions human rights above discriminatory religious demands”. It would seem to me that the church simply want to maintain the status quo, to continue a process that has been in place for centuries, without causing harm to anyone. As alluded to earlier, there are many places and different ways in which a couple can get married.  Is there an ulterior motive for insisting on a church wedding? Also, note the word ‘above’ in the sentence, this tells us that human rights supersedes all religious conviction. We now have a clear political hierarchy that supersedes all other belief systems.

What puzzles me is a further statement from the secular group, “It ensures that religious groups don’t interfere in affairs of the state, and makes sure the state doesn’t interfere in religious affairs”. Hm. Colour me blushing.

It’s a very complicated business this philosophy lark. Especially when you read more of what the group believe in. “Secularism is about democracy and fairness”. Good, I can agree with that wholeheartedly. But in light of previous confusion I thought I had better examine this statement in more detail. Using my Oxford dictionary (the world’s most trusted – according to the cover) I looked up the word democracy:

  • A form of government in which people can vote for a representative to govern the state on their behalf.
  • A state governed by elected representatives.
  • Control of a group by the majority of its members.

I then looked up the word ‘fair’.

  • Treating people equally.
  • Just and reasonable in the circumstances.

Needless to say I didn’t find anything that suggested the imposition of a diktat by a minority. I thought how do you treat people equally by taking away one person’s or group’s right and belief system and impose another’s right and belief system upon them? A funny old thing is equality. Excuse my cynicism!

Especially when one considers more thought from the secular school, “…does not seek to challenge the tenets of any particular religion or belief”. Back to the dictionary, I couldn’t resist, and found that a ‘tenet’ is a central principle or belief. Thus I would humbly suggest that marriage in the Christian faith is a ‘tenet’ and probably is in all religions.

It was not my intention to pick a fight with secularism, in fact I support a number of points they raise:

  • Separate the state and religion.
  • Ensure animals are stunned before killing them.
  • Democracy and fairness ( with intent and clarification)
  • Secular education for all – state and private

If you truly believe in education as a fundamental necessity for an open and constructive society then by principle you must oppose any notion of indoctrination, however, well meaning. How is a child to grow and be in control of their own thinking if the cloud of indoctrination pervades their every thought? To close to brainwashing for me! WE must remember Descartes, ‘I think therefore I am’.

If the advocates of human rights truly want equality then we must look to an old socialist principle, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. Louis Blanc 1839, Karl Marx 1875. That I would imagine is how you treat people equally; anything else is a political sham. Made up for and by political hacks!

We must be aware that human rights is based on human belief, it is a doctrine; as is religion, as is humanism, as is paganism and so on. Which one is ‘above’ the others will depend entirely on who holds the power.

Few should need reminding that two of the greatest proponents of equality in the 20th century were: Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, both devout religious men. A little earlier, we had Karl Marx, who advocated equality without the ‘opium’ of religion. Going back even further we have William Shakespeare, who through his character Shylock, in the Merchant of Venice, questioned religious prejudice and inequality with the retort; “ if you prick us, do we not bleed.” I would contend that religion at its inception and by character is about equality. History is abound with champions and still we labour.

We may never know the logic behind the compulsion to introduce same sex marriage into the church. From one standpoint it is all about control, to ensure that in the future religion cannot override the liberal outlook of society. A further viewpoint that should be considered is that human rights legislation is being used forcibly to manipulate society. The law has become the ‘Great Oracle Deliverer’. Be warned, imposition is the tool of the jejune.