Human Rights: A View from the Street.

“That human rights thing isn’t right. We can’t get nothing, they get it all. Where’s fair in all that, then?

You see that guy in the paper? Some kind of ‘nut’ killer, he gets anonymity because it’s his human right. And why? Because the other guys ‘inside’ might ‘do him in’ if they find out what he did. Must be a right git! Deserves it if he’s killed somebody. Why should he get pussy cat treatment and some other poor bugger’s dead? It’s probably kids he’s done. The guys in ‘nick’ go after the paedos, don’t they? Yeah, be kids, like. A load of balls the law. I’d cut off his ‘wee man’ and feed the pigs!”

“I agree Matt, but me mate says you can’t hang them anymore; it’s all to do with their human rights. There’s a law a “protocol 6” he called it. You heard of it?”


“Anyway, what it means is that even if we all voted to bring back hanging we couldn’t hang them high. How stupid is that? I mean just say 90% of us voted to empty the prisons of all the murderers and paedos; that mob in parliament would say, ‘excuse me young man that is against the law’. What would they know about the law; they’re too busy screwing their expenses and each other.  Know what I mean?

The other thing was, even if the government agreed to hang them high there’s this other law, a protocol 13 and that says no way Jose. All sounds very nice, eh!”

“I say old boy do you have a protocol 13″?

“Why, yes, and one has a protocol 6. Does one”?

“What a load of cobblers! Anyway, protocol 13 doesn’t let you hang them no matter what they’ve done. So they can murder and rape to their heart’s content, and then just sit in the ‘nick’ watching TV, smoking hash and playing with themselves.  How ……. crazy is that? I tell you this country is going to the dogs!”

“Same again here, Jim, please.”

“Yeah, young Tommy laid one on me the other night; made me want to puke. He said it was hypothetical or something like that. Anyway, you get these traffickers bringing kids in from the likes of Rumania and Bulgaria, several thousand every year. You’ve seen them begging on the street, well others are used in the sex trade. Now that really gets to me! How can anyone have sex with little kids? The mind boggles. They must be sick!

Anyway, the guy gets caught and sent to prison and part of his sentence is to be deported after he’s done his ‘time’. You know it’s just a business to these people. I call them people but it makes you think. Even Mengele, would get his human rights with this mob.

Anyway he gets to prison and straight away he gets this Handbook that tells him everything; what he can claim, what he can moan about. He can even get an interpreter if he wants. But here’s the thing, he sees this geezer, his ‘legal services officer’ and claims his human rights. And before you know it, he’s got a girlfriend in this country (or so she says). It’s a diabolical shame but most of those women are just a local convenience store for these guys. Anyway, he can’t be deported because he’s a right to a family life.

Just think of it, he gets out, dumps his tart, and gets a flat and every other benefit the government can throw at him. Not bad eh? And those bloody lawyers they’re only in it for the dosh. They couldn’t give a monkeys  for anything else.

So this guy has screwed up the lives of hundreds of kids, maybe thousands of little lives and he gets his human rights. What the xxxx do the kids get! I mean how can that be justice?”

‘Yeah, spot on there Matt, there was some other guy, a while back he couldn’t be booted out either. What was it, let me think;

He may have had a dog.

It could have been a cat.

It might have been a boyfriend,

Or something like that.

But because of article 8,

He was allowed to stay.

The law is an ass.

What can you say?”

“Yeah, I remember that. Wasn’t he one of the boys from Brazil? Human rights, I’d give them the right to be hanged, shot or burned at the stake.”

“You’re a tad medieval with the stake job, Matt.”

“Maybe Luke, but there are real people out there and they need ‘rights’. The kids in Africa and all over really.

“You should have heard young John go on about it. He was nearly spitting blood. Something about a personal do-dah. Jim, what was John going on about the other night, something about a personal what’s-it’s-name”?

“Yeah, somebody complained that their ‘personal characteristic’ had been infringed”.

“That’s it. What’s one of them”?

“I think it’s to do with your sexuality. I think”.

“So there you go Luke; 60 million say it’s a load of crap and you pop up and say, what about my personal do-dah”.

“Ma secret’s out then”?

“Has been for a while lad. Hold on, young J sent me a text. He said I’ve to look it up on the ‘net’ to help me get ma head around it”.

Piecemeal social engineering resembles physical engineering in regarding the ends as beyond the province of technology.

Karl Popper, Poverty of Historicism

“I don’t think I’m any the wiser. But one thing I do know is that human rights and democracy are as chalk and cheese”.

“You having another”?