Politicians: The End is Nigh!

th8QDGFJKZThe political class should be very grateful that the people in the UK still have a belief in the democratic process. Otherwise the French Revolution would have had a counterpart. The ‘we know best’ attitude of the elite is akin to Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” parting shot during the French upheaval. The opportunity is there to maintain the present balance in society if they have a mind too. If, and only if, they are humble enough to acknowledge that the people are right to cry, ‘enough is enough’.

Politicians must debunk the Machiavellian school of political thought that depicts the ordinary people as, “ungrateful, fickle, simulators and deceivers, avoiders of danger, greedy for gain”. The mirror can be a wonderful reflection tool; politicians and the big boys should look into the mirror and repeat the words of Machiavelli.

The Prince, chapter 17, The Great Philosophers (3), The Independent


However, all that I have heard and read in various interviews by MP’s of all the parties was the same old spin, same old platitudes and the same old ‘we know best’ attitude. The regurgitated rhetoric of, ‘we are good – they are bad’ spouted at every election and the other piece of nonsense, vote for us and note the difference are both piddle. Nothing learned, no shame, no humility, not even a slither of humble pie.

They are so used to their respective dogma that they themselves have become hypnotized by it. Deeply enmeshed in the credo of their taught spiel they are oblivious. The language has become so embedded in their psyche that every utterance is a sound bite from their PC dictionary. No need to think, just reiterate a couplet from the catalogue of pat answers.

Of course the political class accept democracy as a naïve but necessary belief system for the hoi polloi and, a method of control par excellence. The problem is that the people have come to believe that they should have a say in their own lives. That everything cannot be left to the whim of the political elite. Contempt is a two-edged sword or in the words of the old parable, ‘what you sow so shall you reap’.

Unwarranted arrogance will be the undoing of the political elite. They have all but sheared the one remaining component that the electorate hold – Trust. The scepticism of the voters has turned to anger and is now bordering on hate. It would be a mistake to assume that it is all to do with the recession. The peoples’ contempt has been brewing over the decades. A solution is vital if society is not to splinter and we witness the emergence of several violent groups who have no other logic but to destroy.

The bankers, the wealthy and the political wanna-be’s splurge their gain as a child might pirouette in a new longed-for dress. However, “a society that does not recognize the morality of “enough” will see excesses arise which verge on the obscene, as those who have first choice of society’s riches appropriate them for themselves. Democracy will not long tolerate such an abuse of the market”. Charles Handy, The Hungry Spirit p116

It is imperative that our politicians dash back to their pre-school of political speech and thought for an update. They need to be re-infused by the spin doctors who themselves should re-evaluate their procedures to re-invigorate their troops. The cool dudes issued with their new vade mecum (vay-di mee-kuhm), having ditched their ties and have their jackets swung over their shoulder will emerge, new whitened smile beaming and the old message rehashed – ‘you can trust me, bro’. But when the refuse men sweep up the puke and search for a political landfill, the politicians will have their answer.

Somewhere in the distance the sun will rise. Politicians will probably need an epiphany to realise that change is necessary, real fundamental change. They need finally to understand that they cannot treat the ordinary Joe with disdain while filling their pockets with expenses.

thS2IXJ0Z3Over the last few years the Joes’ have let the politicians know that they cannot be force-fed into accepting the unrestricted needs of big business. The big boys cannot exploit the poor of Europe to boost their profit margin and merely disregard the consequences to British society, i.e. immigration, leaving the government to clean up their mess.

Nor can the Liberal elite ram their politics down the throat of the people: multiculturalism, political correctness, human rights for minorities or affirmative action; an adopted American programme to force equality issues which in 50 years has not moved the race goalpost one metre forward but may have damaged it irrevocably. The people have refused to be brainwashed by the demands of the Left or Right in politics.

The Liberal elite need to pay heed to Edmund Burke:

“Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with importunate clink, while thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field, that they are many in number, or that, after all, they are anything other than little, shrivelling, meagre, hopping, though loud and trouble-some, insects of the hour”.

Cited in Charles Handy, ibid p103

I am not sure that politicians of whatever creed fully comprehend the concept of democracy and how it is supposed to work in practice. I suggest they learn quickly or lose their prestigious seat.

Perhaps it would be easier for our politicians and the Liberal elite if they came to understand political philosophy and the attributes of democracy from the wisdom of thethECDXQXFJ Wombles:

“Because he is short on opinions so much of the time, the others have a tendency not to pay much attention to Tomsk. But, as the others discover when the Burrow is nearly smashed by a falling tree, no good comes from ignoring Tomsk when he starts talking”.

Tess Read, The Wombles Guide to Life p151

On the Road to El Dorado



They jet speed ahead leaving the people bemused by their haste. The people cry for them to wait. But the Pseuds’ don’t listen. The people try to pull them back and call out for the Pseuds to explain. The Pseuds won’t stop or slow down.

The people try once more to hold the Pseuds’ back with little success.th5JO5Q6I2

“Catch up!” the Pseuds’ scream back at the people. You need to follow! You need to follow”.

The people pull harder. “Be aware, there’s a cost to everything”.

“Passé,” the voice of the Pseuds’ drifts back.

“Wait,” the people cry, “rushing leaves little time for thought”. Their voices carry on the wind. “What you lose in speed you gain in understanding,” the voices of the people harmonized on a cloud of cold air. “We don’t want to change everything all at once. We should keep what’s good and think before we step into the unknown. What colour will we find at the end of this road? Walk, so that all can follow, leave no one behind to a bedlam of hate and envy. Walk, we will still get there and we can examine the route forward so as not to make mistakes that haste can cause”.

“Hurry,” the distant voice of the Pseuds answered. “We must get to El Dorado”.

“What would be the point?” ask the people. “If we are forced to leave many behind, the goal is worthless. You do not listen. What makes you so sure that you are right? You can run but we will not be dragged. We have come to a crossroad, you think politics, and, we think community”.

And so the great paradigm continues. The attempt to herd the people lapses because those who anoint themselves as leaders fail to understand the beauty and strength and value of community.

The Ennobled Leadership:

The ‘left’ in politics are more divided than their polar opposites on the ‘right’. It seems that every thought generates a faction on the left. So many factions, so many political views from the mealy-mouthed do-gooders to the fascists on the extreme left, each demanding, each with a ten point plan to reach El Dorado. Each faction is adamant that they alone hold the map; only their programme can activate the sequence of events that will lead to the Promised Land.

Moreover, just as the political class on the right fail to take cognizance of the electorate th3XEPWNZGso it is with the left. The people are encouraged to follow not to lead. Hence the concept of ‘democratic centralism’ under which the leadership dictate the policy to be adhered to. A comrade may challenge the leaders of the party but they better remember to sleep with their eyes open. Force is the key noun in the left’s armoury. If they can’t dictate they seek to brainwash, which is just a slightly more subtle means of using force.

We have witnessed the dictatorial power granted to the leadership under ‘democratic centralism’ since the Russian Revolution of 1917, in every communist state. They have all ended up as a one-party state with the merest semblance of democratic involvement of the people. The conclusion is simple, only the leadership understand and know what is in the best interest of the people.

Democracy is no panacea!thOMVN3EG7

At every election you can tot up the promises made. Choose between candyfloss, ice cream or free rides at the fair. Yes folks step right up, get your free entertainment here! Unfortunately, the truth is that they treat the electorate as children because once you have swallowed their banal offerings and voted accordingly, you are removed from the equation. After the election they do what they had planned to do all along. Their party manifestoes are not even decent toilet paper!

The priorities of all the political parties are as one – look after the interests of big business, nothing else matters. Such an outlook will be with us for a long time because there is no alternative to capitalism around at the moment. The Labour Party (UK) is the most contemptible as they profess to be the organ of the workers. Where are all the great stags of the Labour Party that said they would rally to the needs of the poor? Look to the House of Lords on £300 a-day or to the board of some illustrious company on a fat salary or jet setting around the globe doing ‘charity work,’ on a fat salary.

And where are the poor? “Here mate! Nothing’s changed”.th9ISRWBAA

Politicians’ will never allow the electorate power because they do not trust the people to make the decisions that the political class deem necessary. Yet how are the voting public to come to terms with decision making if they are never allowed to participate. Even a car mechanic serves an apprenticeship.

The political class fear the people will not understand the principle of ‘the politics of the possible’ and that the voters will act spontaneously and irrationally and thus screw up the happy medium that has been created. Herein lies the essence of truth, that politicians have become complacent and too wrapped up in the cosy thickness of their environment. They have come to believe their own spin. The spin becomes like rote learning and unthinkingly they rat-a-tat-tat the same old spiel.

Behind the veil of democracy the politicians make their compromises, make their deals and over lunch congratulate each other on a good day’s business. As obvious as the conclusion is, it needs to be spelt out for the benefit of the politicians, the political class do not believe in democracy except as a means to an end.

The politicians’ anthem:

thCA57R6FMVote then disappear,

Go down the pub and have a beer;

Leave us to belch and fart and cheer

That over lunch we’ve made a deal that’s clear – as mud!

Who the . . . . mentioned the EU?

Hope springs eternal and so it always will be. Where there is community there will be a future. Community teaches us that there are always needs to be met. “When you have done, you have not done, for there is more”. (John Donne) The power lies with the click of the finger and the art of the mind. The internet opens up a new field of expression that cannot be extinguished by the big boys. The authorities will seek to curtail it as has been done in China and other tyrannical regimes but the people have the wit to overcome.

Quote from Charles Handy The Empty Raincoat p67. The actual quote from John Donne reads:

“When thou hast done, Thou hast not done, For I have more”. A Hymn to God the Father

The people will have the ability to organise their own polls and to let the politicians know what they like and dislike. There will be no need for a violent revolution; the power of the vote, the power of democracy will finally emerge as it should, as an expression of the peoples’ will. There are dangers as with all advances that the process can be derailed by gangs who fixate on one item politics.

Nonetheless, the future can be bright as political parties can be encouraged to include in their manifestoes the legislation they plan to pass and the rationale behind their thinking. The electorate can then voice their opinion on-line. Be aware, politicians speak gobbledegook which is intended to confuse you and put you off, but someone in the net family will explain it in clear English. Power has always been yours. Take it and make it work for all!