In Search of Objectivity


Welcome to Blindland where all that matters is our tribe. We have many tribes in Blindland, mainly of the ‘right’ and ‘left’ but there are many, each with their secret thBZNBAEI3wisdom. The media of Blindland are the herders the ones that feed us, the people, a daily diet of their bias and nothing else. Their belief system is all that is available. We starve for words of reason. We hunger for comradeship and understanding.

Now there is the beginning of an underground movement. We are few in number but our cause is just and we are certain that others will join us. Our aim is intellectual respect and Reason above Dogma. Do not slay Dogma it has no mental capacity; it is but a slave to the Overlords. Release it and let its howls dissipate in the winds.

It is difficult to live in the darkness of ignorance and yet hold fast to a belief that Objectivity can again rise and set us free. At times we despair for we have no force to defend our right to think. We have no army of marching Gibbers that are used to bleat out our voice of reason.

The wilderness can be a cold place and a lonely place but we have resolve and the will th5WJ9NGMNto be heard. We believe that each person has a contribution to make but are stymied by the Overlords. The Overlords cannot tolerate a view different to their prescribed wisdom. They demand we live as they dictate.

Break free! Speak up for Objectivity; demand Reason be set free. Hold fast, for the tide will turn again and we will rejoice in the freedom of thought and the argument of justification. Place our banner above your door: There is no truth without Objectivity!

It is understandable that some will falter and fall, such is the power of the Gibber army. We know it is difficult to withstand the cacophony that swamps our daily bread but the future needs your stoic determination. Don’t let go of the right to think!

thYSGBE5AUThe Gibbers of the media are akin to the rats in the pen; they power the needs of the Overlords as they speed around their treadmills. They are fed and watered as of need and so believe that they are blessed and worthy. And that one day they will be invited to become an Overlord. Delusion is a blindfold, it is a trap, a cage and thus holds no prospect of freedom of thought.

Do not fight the Gibbers, they are as cannon-fodder. Meet them with understanding, hold them in conversation, try to invoke an argument that requires a reasoned answer. Enlightenment will begin the process of questioning. Let them walk in the park and feel thEUS7MYL4the wonder and explore the sheer exhilaration of the mind. Help set the people free!

Join the army of Objectivity and be lead by Reason. Our force is Logic and Understanding. Thought is our weapon and our army which grows ever stronger with each free thinker. Build for the future – Think!