Blindland (3) Individualism V Community

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.”          George Bernard Shaw

We are born dependent and we die dependent.

thM2C9A04UThe ruthless Overlords have tried to distract us from Reason by suggesting that individualism is the prime tenet of our world. As long as they can convince you by such duplicity then they can remain in power and hoard the wealth. The Overlords are good magicians with many a trick up their sleeve. Do not be taken in by their sleight of hand. If you are in doubt or lost, look to Logic/Reason and Community for here you will find a helping hand.

Community is the warp and weft which holds the fabric of society together. We would not have the advances in science or thought that is of benefit to us all without community.

We are born and placed into the hands of our parents who are vital to our survival and essential to our development. Without the suckling of the mother, most, if not all babies, of early society would have died. Babies also need a long period of development before they can be considered able to look after themselves.

The mother during pregnancy may rely on her partner for protection and food. The father may require the help of others to allow him, in a hunter gatherer situation to look after his family. Mutual need for survival invoked community. This need was born of logic. The people used reason to work out what best suited them and decided on community. There is real strength in community and so it has proved since those early days.

An individual gains his/her strength from the community. They are allowed to benefit from the communal wares of: education and health etc. No one is totally individual from others. Some will shout of fingerprints and irises but these are biological inheritances, whereas we are all dependent on the society in which we live for our everyday needs. We don’t generally build our own homes, roads or schools; nor make our own clothes and medicines.

Even if someone pops out from the wilderness and professes to be an individual, the fact that they are alive suggests; suckling, feeding, learning, language etc. Of course if a caveman was to emerge and shout Ugh! Ugh! I would give him the price of a beer and hope he can buy it for himself! Thus there is nobody in the wider sense that lives outside of community. Therefore community is of benefit to everyone.

Moreover, community is not a mould; we are a rather motley crew with a staggering degree of abilities and an equally staggering degree of potential. It would be dreary if we were all humanoids. We can be quite different but have much in common. The beauty and strength of community is that it is always there if ever we fall.

The Overlords seek to divert us by the institutionalized attempt to have us think that individuality is the key to human success. We are fed a great array of movies and TV shows that promote the attributes of the individual hero.


Joe Bloggs – the unlikely hero!

While the world held its breath in fear and horror, one man stepped forward. The aliens would not win the final battle. Having been battered to almost destruction, Joe Bloggs forced himself into one last stand! He would not give up! Out of the ashes of his home town, he stood: erect, determined and undefeated. He buckled his belt, picked up his frying pan and screamed, ‘You chickens better cluck, ‘cause I need my breakfast!’

It is true that some individuals do exceed in their craft and bring forth great inventions and works of beauty. However, they are recognised and held aloft for all to see, be they scientists or artists. There is no end to our ingenuity. What is the point of such brainwork if not to serve the community? If there was no monetary award, no £/$ millions to flash, would the inventor stop inventing or the artist refuse to paint? Would the brain go into a daze and refuse to get out of bed or is there a drive greater than financial reward? Why would the Overlords try to hide such truth from us?

Think of Vincent van Gogh who died without recognition. Franz Schubert likewise and thSEMNLR0PWilliam Blake and many others: think of Galileo Gallilei forced to recant his firm belief that the earth circled the sun and not the other way around. But science had its way. The brain is the greatest tool of exploration; it’s an annoying child with the constant stream of whys.

We all know that money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around…that is the essence of capitalism. But should capitalism serve only greed or thCASYM14Salso need? I would hazard a guess that there are more individuals predisposed to charity work than the quest for El Dorado. It does not take an individual beyond community if they succeed because community helped to build the ladder. Wealth is only obnoxious if it does no good. There are many good philanthropists who recognise the part played by community in their lives.

Reason has served the people well since the beginning of our time. Reason will never abandon us: it is who we are!