Polly’s Poisoned Pen

Doing a search on the net I came across this quote:

“The phrase political correctness was born as a coded cover for all who still want to say: Paki, spastic, or queer, all those who still want to pick on anyone not like them, playground bullies who never grew up. The political correct society is the civilised society, however much some may squirm at the more inelegant official circumlocutions designed to avoid offence”.               Polly Toynbee.

 Goodness, does she have a bee in her bonnet! (no pun intended)

I can’t believe she really said or wrote that piece. Well, it’s in print, so we must assume.

So how does she characterize you – the overwhelming majority of the public?

What I can infer from the writing: the reference to ‘coded cover’ would suggest you are all: devious, secretive, perverse and ashamed of your beliefs otherwise you wouldn’t spout them undercover!    OO thingmy.

Then she goes for the jugular, you are all: racist, homophobic, cruel & thoughtless,angry, backward, immature & petulant, and not forgetting intolerant.

That is quite an array of poison arrows…………………..      Duck!

Me? the boss says I’m immature & petulant at times, and angry on occasions. As for the rest – I don’t think so.

Which of Polly’s adjectives pierces your sensitive soul?

When you think about it, she is quite abusive in her comments. There is a lot of venom in her attack, some might say, it was a vicious diatribe, intent on putting others down, and causing offence. It was definately intolerant of those who would not agree with her point of view. She appears to have tarred everyone with the same brush, no exceptions; you agree with her or you are all of the above. Typical PC.

Hmmmm. I’m thinking hypocracy. What are you thinking?