Immigration (2):The Blind Eye Syndrome.

Doing a Nelson is a common retort to anyone who has turned their back on an event or

Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar

Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar

pretended not to have seen it. Doing a Nelson is what the supporters of mass immigration have done. Not simply on the grounds of numbers but to what has come in the wake. The wake brings a magnitude of depravity that should sicken anyone who accepts human rights as a natural right. It’s sad to say but many cannot see the reality as they are blinded by their political extremism. Dogma rules!

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Each surge of foreign nationals ushers in their own brand of gangsters who feast off their own people, before spreading out into the wider society. With these mobsters comes: people trafficking, murder, rape, drugs, protectionism/intimidation, slave labour and a raft of thievery. They are here to make money at whatever cost to others. The prison population will bear testament to this assertion. But most criminals escape the justice system. Furthermore, many of these cheap and hardworking foreign nationals are controlled by ‘Gang masters’ who pay them a pittance but force them to work long hours.  Human Rights: the hypocrisy continues!

As usual the weakest suffer the most; women and children are the main source for people traffickers who make £millions each year selling these unfortunates for sex. Many are forced into prostitution and drug running, others into slave labour. Their innocence and hope erased forever. That is the bottom line for thousands who suffer this fate. And where are the defenders of the weak, the advocates of human rights: they are to be found hiding behind the police whom they claim, its job it is to manage these atrocities. The unfortunates are collateral damage!

This is a country of Two Nations Benjamin Disraeli once wrote and so it is again. The supporters of immigration do not want to hear about the dark side: not while they sip their tea and listen to a piano concerto. No. They dismiss the ravings of the hoi polloi as misguided, uneducated tripe. Their thirst for wealth and adept use of political expediency fuels their inherent blindness which in turn absolves them of their complicity in this horror of human misery.

To some extent the people do understand what the rich get out of immigration but are left scratching their heads as to what is in it for them. This latter query needs an explanation but no one is involving the people in conversation. The most likely outcome is to be browbeaten with a barrage of insulting taunts: unskilled, lazy, thicko or racist abuse such as: little Englander, fascist, racist, NIMBY! Thus the majority of the people are disenfranchised and made to feel unworthy.

A sense of powerlessness and grated feelings eventually harbours bitterness. Small wonder that an increasing number have turned against the political elite whom they had thought were advocates of democracy. It seems that democracy has a new definition – gaffer and pleb. George Friedman has a little reminder for the elite, “Power as an end in itself is a monstrosity that doesn’t achieve anything lasting and will inevitably deform the …regime”. (The Next Decade)

Evidence of the growing gulf in our society is given weight by a study carried out by Matthew Goodwin & Robert Ford. Their analysis shows a growing dissatisfaction with the three main political parties: Conservative, Labour & Liberal. The authors characterize this group as the ‘left behind voters’ and as ‘white faces, blue collar and grey hair’. There are several areas on which this characterization can be challenged:  the interpretation of the term, ‘left behind’- does this assume that the political elite are right in their view of society? Or is it mere language that suggests that the people are being ‘left behind’ simply on the basis that they are not being asked to join in?

Furthermore it would be wrong to assume that this body of the electorate is primarily of ‘grey hair’. Many young people are or feel as disenfranchised as their older counterparts but, most importantly, are less inclined to vote. Hence the present frenzy to create apprenticeships. Get them off the streets!

The distrust of politicians is not a new phenomenon. Everyone knows they have two tongues, one to speak to you with and one to speak down to you with. Other major concerns of the electorate over recent years have been the forced introduction of political correctness, the abuse of human rights legislation and of the justice system. What is very important to note is that the ‘grey hairs’ are still believers in democracy and are willing to channel their anxiety through the ballot box. Even though many recognise they are being railroaded down a line.

That the democratic voice of the people cannot prove to be definitive, points in the direction of diktat. Forcing the electorate to accept political diktat without the necessary mandate of the peoples’ will is indoctrination. The people are forced to accept human rights when it suits the politicians but Article 9 can be overlooked, “You should not be indoctrinated by the State”.

Statistical analysis sways erratically depending on the dogma being presented. Tom Papworth contends, (op cit:) “…the entire immigration debate is taking place in the dark”. It all comes down to which measuring stick you use.  Only recently, James Brokenshire, Conservative Immigration Minister, claimed that uncontrolled immigration forces wages down and house prices up. (Telegraph 6th March 2014) As if on cue the Halifax Bank announced that house prices have grown at their fastest rate in 5 years.

Moreover, a report by the Migration Advisory Committee (Dec: 2012) estimated that 23 native workers are left unemployed for every 100 migrants who come to the UK. Not to be beaten the Institute of Public Policy Research, using a different timeframe, come up with different figures. (Independent 6th March 2014) Note that the Telegraph (right) makes one point, the Independent (left) promotes an alternative view. There is no search for objectivity only partisanship.

Unfortunately the battle lines have been drawn. Even the title of the study by Matthew Goodwin & Robert Ford, Revolt of the Right: Explaining Public Support for the Radical Right in Britain illustrates the political bias prevalent in our society. They have set political parameters to the extent that if you oppose the EU / immigration and vote for Ukip you must be right wing in political thought. You have been tagged and are therefore subject to abuse as mentioned earlier. No attempt has been made to look at it as a societal problem or as one of democratic rights. Note, that the authors were given space for an article in the Guardian (left) (6th March 2014).It seems there is no escape from dogma.

In a world of competing dogma how are the electorate to reach an objective decision? “A rational man is one who makes a proper use of reason: and this implies, among other things, that he correctly estimates the strength of evidence”. A J Ayer: Probability and Evidence. Perhaps our newspaper editors should take note.

The authors identify the political party Ukip as one on the radical right. Ukip opposes continued membership of the EU and mass immigration, not immigration per se. It also highlights the abuse of the Human Rights Law and the inconsistences of the Justice system. Surprisingly these are similar to the views expressed by the majority of the people in opinion polls and increasingly at the ballot box.

Warning! Do not assume my politics. Assumption is to intellect what a mosquito is to good health.

A very interesting point comes from the study, “In fact, Ukip is the most working- class dominated party since Michael Foot’s Labour in 1983”. Have these workers moved to the radical right or are they just disillusioned by their traditional party’s stance on these issues? Were similar views not voiced and supported by strike action in the early 1960s?

Are they disillusioned because no one will explain why there is a need for mass immigration or why they should support a united Europe? What is in it for them? All they experience is being talked down to, not listened to, and not considered worth talking to. They fail to see the real battle between the forces of the elites of right and left. The Titans are at war and the only people supporting democracy are the plebs! Since 1832!

Another reminder for the elite: “The greater the power the more dangerous the abuse”. Edmund Burke.

Is the story of immigration one of long term planning in that population decline will affect many societies in the future? (George Friedman: The Next Hundred Years) Is the UK therefore preparing to bridge the skill gap of the future by having a population large enough to cope? Nonetheless, the question of sustainability is a pressing one and must be answered. Just how big a population can our country manage? What are the consequences of continued growth of 170,000 per year and natural growth? Can a society that allows one section to ignore human rights and another section to be prosecuted for failure to uphold the law, live in harmony?

Questions, questions, questions, are they not to be answered because they’re Pleb questions?