Equal Rights

Equality cannot be built on a foundation when any kind of discrimination is acceptable. Yet in the UK the Government operate a system of positive action. It seems the BBC does to. In America, it’s called ‘affirmative action’. This permits by law the discrimination in favour of a minority. Logically therefore, someone is missing out.
You cannot ask anyone to accept or believe in equality when there is a government sponsored discrimination programme at work. The two concepts are diametrically opposed.
You cannot right a wrong by punishing another innocent.

Those who view guilt as a justified rationale for taking action are dealing with life on an emotional level not an intellectual one, though they may feel the latter to be true. Neither can you fast track belief systems simply because you are convinced of the righteousness of your own philosophy. Guilt is a Hadrian’s Wall to intellect. Moreover, trying to force people to accept a dogma usually backfires, how many dictatorships survive?

‘Those who attempt to level never equalize’ Edmund Burke (1729-97)

It would seem few learn from history. Perhaps they’re too busy hawking their philosophy. This has been true over the last one hundred years: Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and the startling case of N Korea, and, on, and on. These examples are so vividly stark as the characters involved all began as freedom fighters for the working class.

“Much that passes as Idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power”. Bertram Russell.

All attempts to implement communism have ended in dictatorships. Just as all of those who want to force change have control issues. In that respect the politically correct are no different their unwavering belief in the correctness of their philosophy suggests they ride the same animal with the leaders above. Poor donkey! Thankfully, the PC brigade doesn’t have complete power yet!!!!

Thus the key term here is hegemony (control) what Gramsci, called cultural hegemony. Like earlier communist rulers, the PC’s are in a hurry, they can’t wait for the population to catch up so the people have to be frogmarched into line. No time for explanation – no dialectics.
– Takes too long
– No guarantee the w/c will kow tow
– Could seriously divide society (battle lost)
The aim of any group or organisation who want to rule is to construct an ‘ideological consensus’, Dominic Strinati. Strinati, also suggests that, “they must take civil society before they take the state”. However, he may be wrong, for it seems that, the Liberal elite, have taken the state and are now trying to enforce an ideological consensus on the people.
Here we go round the mulberry bush……. (sing along)

The starting block of the PC is similar to all the other ideologues, the creation of the perfect society. Similar too, to many evangelicals out there. Maybe they should join forces; some could sing the Red Flag, while the others chant. l apologise to all evangelicals – for they have only goodness in their hearts.

Furthermore, America has had ‘affirmative action’ for about 50 years but tension at street level appears as hyper as ever. It has not brought society any closer; if anything it has created entrenchment of the worse kind, with White supremacists and ghettoization of ethnic groups the norm. The offspring of the ghettoes is social isolation and a gang culture.
Moreover, a huge race industry has arisen, especially in America, whereby some have made a niche and seem to have cemented themselves in to that vacuum. Political bickering and jostling for position becomes a common occurrence, with each ‘spokesperson’ seeking political clout. The self interest of those who deem themselves spokesmen of their respective community may have little interest in equality as there is little power and wealth in such a solution.
The UK seems to be heading down that self-same road. We already have isolated communities, some by choice, but most by social economic reality. Gang horror has erupted in our streets, especially in London. Basement cultures emerge to give credence to the struggle to make sense of the environment and pride becomes the sole arbiter of self worth.
Moreover, there is a real danger that the white working class can end-up at the bottom of the heap. The sheer scale in terms of number makes it a dilemma, if a sub-culture takes root. A sub-culture so entrenched that the rules of engagement with the wider community are not what might be acceptable to the rest of us. How long before ghettoes are no-go areas? How long before whole suburbs become gated communities?
With stark reality as tall as a sequoia the PC brigade take no notice and still fritter their time away building their ‘showhouse’. It would seem that they plan to make the UK a ‘showhouse’ for the rest of the world to ogle at, admire, wish for, and finally copy. It’s such a glorious dream where everyone;
 talks politically correct language,
 treats each other with a PC attitude,
 lives a PC lifestyle,
 reads the PC bible,
 checks their P C dictionary everyday (changes might have to be made).

In the showhouse, ‘Affirmative Action’ sits side by side, on the couch, with ‘Equality Act’. ‘Sub Culture’ plays on a playstation in the front room, while ‘Human Rights’ does weights in the back yard and ‘Working Class’ is under the stairs sucking it’s thumb .
But, but, but, and here’s the best bit – they all live happily ever after.

I see trees of green, red roses….