The Bias War

thBZNBAEI3This war is a bitter struggle to control our thinking. It is waged across the media and most aspects of our lives. The conflict is between the Left (incorporating the Liberals) and the Right in politics. Their concern is not you but your temporary acquiescence at election time. Over the decades it has become a war of attrition. Both present a tablet of stone and etched on each is the route to a promised land.

Who are we to believe?

Neither! Their thoughts are not truly centred on the people though that is the claim. They demand the help of the public to banish the opposition. Otherwise, your voice, your vote is irrelevant to them.

Who has the upper hand?

The Right, they control most of the media, are more united in their approach and have already won over many converts from the electorate. On the economic front, their boys, the neoclassical school of economics hold sway over the world’s economy. They are supported by a raft of powerful friends: the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a grouping of the world’s most successful countries, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). You have to admit a host of influential bodies. But I can assure you on sound medical grounds that they all fart.

Why don’t we support them?

Because they couldn’t give monkeys toss for the people. It was these storm troopersthBZDCK3J2 that caused the banking crisis of 2008 which is still hurting millions of ordinary Joes’ around the world. It is they who want to dismantle the welfare state and leave the poor without any assistance. It was they who made the taxpayer cough up the tab for the banking crisis $ billions x 100 and they who okayed the continuation of huge bonuses for their buddies in the banking sector. Meanwhile the Joes’ of this world lost their jobs, their homes, livelihood and happiness.

History is littered with the anguish of the poor at the hands of such mercenaries. These are the true soldiers of fortune. They force the poor to pay the tab and then the government introduce quantitative easing, pouring $ £ millions into the economy, which is in reality like a super tax cut for the rich. Life is only fair if you’re rich.

Should we support the Left?

thHQSWHLW4No! The Left have forgotten what struggle is all about. They treat the citizenry with utter contempt. In the eyes of the Left, the general public are too thick to understand what they need and so, the Left take it upon themselves to lead. The Left don’t have the time to sit around and chat and to explain their ideology to the beer swigging, pot- bellied, pork pie guzzling, disinterested, short-sighted morons from the council estates and elsewhere. Sorry I’m a burden mate.

Both sides in this ideological war don’t really care one way or the other what the Joes’th2PIIXDFP think. Joe is just piggy in the middle. In fact, the people are a distraction but necessary cannon fodder at election time; otherwise they should be good little doggies and SHUT UP.

Wait a minute mate, what’s the alternative?

There is no easy, straightforward way that the people can make a decisive impact on decision making. Some will call for revolution because they are angry or it simply sounds good. However, revolution has too many variables and the poor will pick up the tab in death and destruction and the cost of rebuilding. Also, the outcome of the revolution is not guaranteed think communism and close the door on revolution.

th04F898NFIn the short term the best route forward is the democratic process. Democracy requires commitment without the ego and that makes it a very difficult landscape to manoeuvre. The first step is easy enough always vote but not for one of the big boys’ enforcers: Conservative, Labour or Liberal. Soon the strategists, the number crunchers will note the change in pattern and the toilet seats in parliament will be booked well in advance.

A no- vote is not an option; it does not register your disgust with the politician. Quite the opposite it’s just one person less to canvas. It doesn’t matter whether a MP gets a 5 vote majority or 10,000 they still have one cushy job.

The next step is to look for a plausible alternative political group. You may not agree with their agenda but it’s the message to your sitting MP that’s important. Collectively the people have more power than they envisage. The difficulty lies in trying to organise any strike back at the establishment. The prospect exists by collecting 100,000 clicks on the net. Do one on MP’s expenses?

It can be done, bombard your MP with letters, email, give them something to do. Let them know in simple terms that you are dissatisfied with their performance and that of their Party.

E.g. I am unhappy at the extent of immigration and want to see it reduced dramatically. If your party cannot do it then my family and I will vote accordingly.

I choose immigration because it is the number 1 issue of the day. (See later post)

Ask friends to send a similar brief letter or email. Send it to a newspaper. If enough people do it you may be surprised how you can influence public opinion.

Unfortunately, for many too busy with their social life, Instagram, twitter etc. life itself just rolls by. They only operate on instant – how cool am I – feedback. They are the perfect sap for the political elite! As long as Santa continues to come they don’t care.

People power exists, join the revolution!



The Merchants of Greed.



Capitalism has long had its critics, Lassalle, Marx, Lenin and a whole traffic jam of others. But it has stayed on the road, made some detours, struggled with road works but never shut up shop. For all its failures it has coped because there is no real alternative. Capitalism survives all attempts to destabilize it because it feeds our bases demands, summed up in the old adage, the seven deadly sins.

The one major challenge, that of communism would itself deconstruct from within because, ‘love thy neighbour’ was not as strong or as lucrative as self-interest. Of course, communism as practiced in Russia and elsewhere had many other faults, notably the transposition of ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ to the dictatorship over the proletariat. The stymying of creativity, innovation and expression which could only be exhibited by the grace of authority was a major nail in its coffin.

Get into the groove, (Madonna) capitalism will dance to any tune whether upbeat or down beat. The one who winds up the machine gets to decide. It is all about power. The question is, will it be about the many or the few? The big boys feed at the top table at present, the ordinary Joes’ make do with the leftovers.

When we leave capitalism to the whims of the market, the neoclassical school of thCASYM14Seconomics, we get the tune, ‘Anything Goes’ (Cole Porter). No regulation – a free for all which benefits the rich. In consequence we had the banking collapse of 2007-2008 for which we are still paying. The poor have now suffered six (6) years of recession which shows no sign of abating. Before the actual crash, David Rubenstein, who himself had made $billions on Wall Street warned in 2007 that, “Greed has taken over”.  Cited by Suzanne McGee, Chasing Goldman Sachs p177

And so it proved. “What we’re experiencing is without doubt the direct product of the short-term greedy gambling that has become de rigueur in the world of finance”.

Geraint Anderson CITYBOY p306    a good and insightful read

th[6]Once greed enters the bloodstream it makes its way to the brain where it overpowers the prefrontal cortex, which deals with thinking, permeates the hypothalamus and amygdala. As the infection takes hold the brain starts to wither and emotion and sense are depleted.

The big boys are never really satisfied with their lot. Not only did they cause the banking crisis but later were found guilty of fixing the ‘libor’ rate and the ‘foreign exchange’ rate. For which they have had to pay fines. British banks have had to pay £38.5bn. Commenting, David Davis, of the think tank New City Agenda said, “A toxic culture which was decades in the making will take a generation to turn around”. (Sky news) Enough evidence to suggest that greed has no boundaries.

By 2010 the USA had pumped in $700bn to save the economy and had allocated in total an amazing $12.8 trillion, lent, spent or guaranteed. (Bloomberg News) In the UK £124bn has been spent and up to £1.2 trillion to shore up any fall out. News blog

It’s astonishing, the champagne swigging big boys cause the mess and the ordinary Joe is left to clean up. While the overwhelming majority of people suffer the constraints ofthITECD3RH the recession the rich get richer.

A TV programme Dispatches for Channel 4 aired some interesting statistics:

  • The richest 2,500 households had as much as the poorest five (5) million before the recession.
  • Today it reads the richest 2,500 households have as much as the poorest eight (8) million.
  • The richest 2,500 are three (3) times wealthier than in 2008.

pound-bag-displays-british-currency-and-wealth-100287376[1]The programme also highlighted that in the last twenty (20) years there has been no progress in income for the lowest 10% in the UK. This finding is backed up by eminent economists:

“Since the 1980s, income inequality has risen in the majority of countries. The most marked increase was seen in the UK and especially the US, which led the world in pro-rich policies”.

Ha-Joon Chang Economics: The User’s Guide p333

“…politics has shaped the market, and shaped it in ways that advantage the top at the expense of the rest.”

“The top one (1) per cent of Americans gained 93% of the additional income created in the country in 2010, as compared with 2009.”

Joseph E. Stiglitz The Price of Inequality p 32 & p61 respectively

The analysis by the two economists is given added weight by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) one of the top think tanks who state, “…that the UK economy would have been 20% bigger had the gap between rich and poor not widened since the 1980s”. The report goes on to say that, “… income inequality has a sizeable and statistically negative impact on growth”. Guardian 9-12-2014

There are numerous stories about companies and individual’s preoccupation with dodging the taxman. Goldman Sachs one of the prime culprits in the debacle that lead to the crash of 2008 is still at it. A high court judge has ordered them to reveal the size of their profit in a deal with Libya, e.g. sold the Libyans a poor package but reportedly made a profit of £350m. The Libyans are also suing the French bank Societe Generale for alleged bribery. Guardian 24-11-14

Goldman Sachs are also in the dock accused of rigging the price of platinum and palladium with cohorts, BASF of Germany, HSBC of the UK and the Standard Bank of South Africa. Now that’s what you call a cartel. The big boys working as a body to ensure they maximize their profits. I wonder what the neoclassical economist would make of that derivative of free trade.

Alas, they are not alone. In Indonesia there is an investigation into tax avoidance of potentially $5bn and another investigation into the mining industry accused of tax evasion of some $2.33bn. Reuters 27-11-14

Apple have three cases to answer for, 1) trying to impose a monopoly on downloading which could cost them $1bn if they are found to have breached anti- trust law. Secondly, they are in the dock for colluding to force the price of e-books up. 3) Are appealing a decision in court against a settlement of $324.5m for colluding to hold down wages. (Reuters 2-12-2014) In Europe they are under scrutiny for the sweetheart tax deals that are causing a ruction there.

Microsoft is having problems in China where they have been forced to pay $137m in back taxes. The company is also caught up in the sweetheart deals as their income is channelled through “foreign operational centres” in Ireland, Singapore and Puerto Rico which have very lax tax arrangements. (Reuters)

The list goes on. I could write another page full of the games that the big boys play. Why are they never satisfied? There is a paradox here; they continually rip off the ordinary people but have laws on ‘insider trading’ to prevent them being ripped off. Talk about double standards, hypocrisy is not a strong enough word.

th2KBIHJ24We are continually being waylaid by the big boys via their use of cartels, monopolies and dodgy tax deals. There is no sense of community, no thought given to society; it is all very self- focussed. Their actions are like kicking someone in the teeth when they are already down and out.

What avenues can the people pursue that will give them some leverage in the decision making process? The road ahead is bleak, it’s dark and winding, it may seem forbidding but just keep telling yourselves that there is treasure at the end. Democracy can be that treasure. I know, some will throw their hands up in disbelief and feel like shooting the messenger but its democracy or the same old highwaymen as now. Democracy is at present controlled by the Sherriff of Nottingham but each of us can join Robin Hood and do some good.

Of course we become more reliant on government to do a better job and that raises issues of trust: “Rather than correcting the market’s failures, the political system was reinforcing them”. (Joseph E. Stiglitz) The Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang suggests an alternative, “The focus on the market has made most economists neglect vast areas of our economic life, with significant consequences for our well-being”. P455 A fellow economist Herbert Simon has estimated that, “…only about 20 per cent of economic activities in the US are organized through the market”.

According to Stiglitz, (p66) a Nobel Prize winning economist much of the inequality that we experience today is because of poor or lack of decision making by government and of course the influence of the big boys. Sad to say but many voters have turned away from the democratic process as they feel alienated by the system. It will be difficult to win the Joes’ back to exercise their rights; this is the challenge for the Left in politics and all those who believe in democracy.

I bring your attention to the rise of Ukip in Britain; you may not agree with the politics of the party but hopefully see the potential. The three main political parties have been seriously ruffled by the emergence of Ukip and have amended policy quicker than you can say – …. Off. People power can work – make it so! If not the big boys will swamp us with their global grab and our pockets will jingle with less and less.

Government can work; we have laws against cartels and monopolies, granted that hasn’t stopped the big boys but good government can make the laws tougher and enforce them. As far back as 1984 the US government broke up AT &T the giant telecommunications business. (Chang p385) The EU is seriously considering a similar move against Google who have cornered 90% of the market. However, the US has warned of ‘trade consequences’ – big boy influence. Telegraph 27-11-14

With the right people elected we can insist on waste management to stop the lucrative deals handed out to big business. We can monitor how our reps: vote and make that information public. Leave them to answer to the twitterati. We need more investigative journalist to expose the fraud or mismanagement in the political and business world.

The power is ours for the taking. Yet too often we hear the despair of many, “I’m only one, what difference will it make”. That is a sad reflection of how people have been made to feel powerless.

Don’t be a flibbertigibbet – stand up — shout out!

Don’t be a flibbertigibbet – put on your coat — go and vote!


On the Road to El Dorado



They jet speed ahead leaving the people bemused by their haste. The people cry for them to wait. But the Pseuds’ don’t listen. The people try to pull them back and call out for the Pseuds to explain. The Pseuds won’t stop or slow down.

The people try once more to hold the Pseuds’ back with little success.th5JO5Q6I2

“Catch up!” the Pseuds’ scream back at the people. You need to follow! You need to follow”.

The people pull harder. “Be aware, there’s a cost to everything”.

“Passé,” the voice of the Pseuds’ drifts back.

“Wait,” the people cry, “rushing leaves little time for thought”. Their voices carry on the wind. “What you lose in speed you gain in understanding,” the voices of the people harmonized on a cloud of cold air. “We don’t want to change everything all at once. We should keep what’s good and think before we step into the unknown. What colour will we find at the end of this road? Walk, so that all can follow, leave no one behind to a bedlam of hate and envy. Walk, we will still get there and we can examine the route forward so as not to make mistakes that haste can cause”.

“Hurry,” the distant voice of the Pseuds answered. “We must get to El Dorado”.

“What would be the point?” ask the people. “If we are forced to leave many behind, the goal is worthless. You do not listen. What makes you so sure that you are right? You can run but we will not be dragged. We have come to a crossroad, you think politics, and, we think community”.

And so the great paradigm continues. The attempt to herd the people lapses because those who anoint themselves as leaders fail to understand the beauty and strength and value of community.

The Ennobled Leadership:

The ‘left’ in politics are more divided than their polar opposites on the ‘right’. It seems that every thought generates a faction on the left. So many factions, so many political views from the mealy-mouthed do-gooders to the fascists on the extreme left, each demanding, each with a ten point plan to reach El Dorado. Each faction is adamant that they alone hold the map; only their programme can activate the sequence of events that will lead to the Promised Land.

Moreover, just as the political class on the right fail to take cognizance of the electorate th3XEPWNZGso it is with the left. The people are encouraged to follow not to lead. Hence the concept of ‘democratic centralism’ under which the leadership dictate the policy to be adhered to. A comrade may challenge the leaders of the party but they better remember to sleep with their eyes open. Force is the key noun in the left’s armoury. If they can’t dictate they seek to brainwash, which is just a slightly more subtle means of using force.

We have witnessed the dictatorial power granted to the leadership under ‘democratic centralism’ since the Russian Revolution of 1917, in every communist state. They have all ended up as a one-party state with the merest semblance of democratic involvement of the people. The conclusion is simple, only the leadership understand and know what is in the best interest of the people.

Democracy is no panacea!thOMVN3EG7

At every election you can tot up the promises made. Choose between candyfloss, ice cream or free rides at the fair. Yes folks step right up, get your free entertainment here! Unfortunately, the truth is that they treat the electorate as children because once you have swallowed their banal offerings and voted accordingly, you are removed from the equation. After the election they do what they had planned to do all along. Their party manifestoes are not even decent toilet paper!

The priorities of all the political parties are as one – look after the interests of big business, nothing else matters. Such an outlook will be with us for a long time because there is no alternative to capitalism around at the moment. The Labour Party (UK) is the most contemptible as they profess to be the organ of the workers. Where are all the great stags of the Labour Party that said they would rally to the needs of the poor? Look to the House of Lords on £300 a-day or to the board of some illustrious company on a fat salary or jet setting around the globe doing ‘charity work,’ on a fat salary.

And where are the poor? “Here mate! Nothing’s changed”.th9ISRWBAA

Politicians’ will never allow the electorate power because they do not trust the people to make the decisions that the political class deem necessary. Yet how are the voting public to come to terms with decision making if they are never allowed to participate. Even a car mechanic serves an apprenticeship.

The political class fear the people will not understand the principle of ‘the politics of the possible’ and that the voters will act spontaneously and irrationally and thus screw up the happy medium that has been created. Herein lies the essence of truth, that politicians have become complacent and too wrapped up in the cosy thickness of their environment. They have come to believe their own spin. The spin becomes like rote learning and unthinkingly they rat-a-tat-tat the same old spiel.

Behind the veil of democracy the politicians make their compromises, make their deals and over lunch congratulate each other on a good day’s business. As obvious as the conclusion is, it needs to be spelt out for the benefit of the politicians, the political class do not believe in democracy except as a means to an end.

The politicians’ anthem:

thCA57R6FMVote then disappear,

Go down the pub and have a beer;

Leave us to belch and fart and cheer

That over lunch we’ve made a deal that’s clear – as mud!

Who the . . . . mentioned the EU?

Hope springs eternal and so it always will be. Where there is community there will be a future. Community teaches us that there are always needs to be met. “When you have done, you have not done, for there is more”. (John Donne) The power lies with the click of the finger and the art of the mind. The internet opens up a new field of expression that cannot be extinguished by the big boys. The authorities will seek to curtail it as has been done in China and other tyrannical regimes but the people have the wit to overcome.

Quote from Charles Handy The Empty Raincoat p67. The actual quote from John Donne reads:

“When thou hast done, Thou hast not done, For I have more”. A Hymn to God the Father

The people will have the ability to organise their own polls and to let the politicians know what they like and dislike. There will be no need for a violent revolution; the power of the vote, the power of democracy will finally emerge as it should, as an expression of the peoples’ will. There are dangers as with all advances that the process can be derailed by gangs who fixate on one item politics.

Nonetheless, the future can be bright as political parties can be encouraged to include in their manifestoes the legislation they plan to pass and the rationale behind their thinking. The electorate can then voice their opinion on-line. Be aware, politicians speak gobbledegook which is intended to confuse you and put you off, but someone in the net family will explain it in clear English. Power has always been yours. Take it and make it work for all!



Social Dmocracy:Blind Man’s Buff (Blindland 9)

Social democracy (SD) the harbinger of change was planned to transform society for the good, to the betterment of all. As society progressed through the social democratic vision the poor would gather the greatest harvest. In general terms the whole of societythBHNITY72 nationally and internationally would accrue a massive uplifting. Oops, the bubble burst! All the thinking, all the slogging, all the good intentions to make the world a better place thwarted by a little pinprick of a gene called self.

The promise of a better world, dating back to the late 19th century, has been left by the roadside. The thoughts of Lassalle, of Marx and Engels among a host of thinking people who tried to give a scientific rationale to accomplishing socialism, gather dust.

From the start there was contradiction on the best way forward, revolution, proposed by Marx or evolution which was to win the day. Marx (1878) would eventually accept that parliamentary democracy could secure better conditions for the workers and social democracy became the main vehicle to drive the whole of society forward.

It was in Germany with Ferdinand Lassalle followed by August Babel and Wilhelm Liebknecht (1869) that the Social Democratic Party (SPD) would be founded. Latterly, Eduard Bernstein would add his considerable intellect to the debate and it is he who is generally viewed as the main proponent of the social democratic ethic: “… a better society can be achieved by working within the existing political order”.

In the UK the voices of the Fabian Society and the Independent Labour Party (ILP) gave their weight to the peaceful route. Only where no democracy existed did revolution occur, Russia 1917 and China 1948. As the franchise was extended it was the obvious hope that the majority, the lower classes, would hold the balance of power and the Social Democrats would have all the power necessary to implement the changes to benefit all.

The stimulus for these pioneers to put themselves at the vanguard of revolutionary change was more than self-interest. Their altruism was fed I’m sure by the horror of everyday life which they witnessed unfold before them; the abject poverty of the many as opposed to the spectacular opulence of the few. These thinkers were not looking for recognition to enhance their financial state, they genuinely believed in the betterment of mankind.

Over the years some significant changes did materialize in the UK, the vote for women 1918/ 1928. The rise of the Labour Party as a credible opposition and Party of power which would lead to the seismic shift in 1945/51 with the nationalisation of many industries and the setting up of the National Health Service (NHS). The welfare state has without doubt saved many, many people from fear and anxiety and saved many lives.

Defining social democracy also has its contradictions:

  • Political ideology that advocates a peaceful, evolutionary transition of society from capitalism to socialism using established political processes.   Britannica Concise Encyclopaedia
  • Social democracy is a general term for political doctrines that claim an important role for the State and the community in shaping and directing a society’s economic and social life.

Note the omission of ‘from capitalism to socialism’. The Times they are a changin’ Bob Dylan

Major changes were afoot in 1959 when the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) dropped its Marxist programme which it had held since the days of Babel and Liebknecht in 1869. In that same year 1959, Hugh Gaitskell the leader of the Labour Party (UK) tried to do the same but was outvoted. A portend for the future, Margaret Thatcher became an MP. It seems that being electable became the prime focus. Being elected is fine, if the politicians, once elected provide some legislative muscle to the benefit of the people. Instead the politicians recognised the growing global economy and didn’t know how to deal with it.

Entrenchment and a narrowing of outlook dominated the thinking of the hard core socialists. The Left held on like bindweed but with little hope of choking the life out of capitalism. A few concessions here and there maintained the Left’s belief but politics was no longer about the big picture of socialism; the massaging of capitalism was the new vade mecum. The other problem for the Left was that the electorate were on the move too and the old tired message of socialism had lost its impetus.

thBZNBAEI3Unfortunately, socialism came to conjure up a picture of the little Red Book of Mao Zedong, of everyone dressing the same, of repression and monotony. The Cold War of Gulags and the Berlin Wall allowed the Gibbers of the media to exercise their wit and their propaganda sang like a bird on the wire. For some, socialism was devoid of emotional input and of exhalation. Individualism had become the key to self-fulfilment, the condition manufactured and satiated by the multinationals. The thinkers had gone to make a career for themselves in TV etc. And the fast buck became the essential buck.

One of the few concessions made came in 1976 when the Germans spread the notion of workers participation via Co-determination, first introduced in 1951. Naturally, the new law was bitterly opposed by the employers. A year later the Bullock Report commissioned by Harold Wilson of the Labour Party proposed the introduction of Co-determination in the UK but it never happened. A few years later the EU tried to introduce the Fifth Directive which would have granted workers’ rights similar to the German model but it was allowed to drift beyond the clouds.

The spiral downwards speeded up during the seventies and the eighties. Crippling inflation of 25%+ in the UK saw the Labour government introduce wage restraint, it worked, and inflation gradually fell. However, the cost was borne by the workers’ as wages did not keep pace with the cost of living. James Callaghan who had taken over from Harold Wilson in 1976 kept wages in check. In 1978 when Callaghan had an opportunity to go to the polls he forwent the chance and continued the policy of wage restraint.

Disaster struck in the form of the Winter of Discontent when union members came out in droves. The scale of the strikes and the nature of them, dead not buried, meant the Gibbers in the media created stories of hell. People were disgusted by the actions of some unionists and come the next election (1979) Margaret Thatcher was elected the new Conservative Prime Minister.

Between 1980 & 1993 there were six major pieces of legislation that boxed the unions in. The miners’ strike of 1984/5, which Thatcher had prepared for and won, allowed her a free hand to bind the unions more thoroughly than ever. Union membership has fallen since; from 13m in the 1980s to just over 7m in 2000 and below 6m by 2012.

During her period in power Margaret Thatcher was to batter at and bring down the ramparts of old Labour. Under privatization of Water, Electricity, British Gas and BT and several others the self-gene was let loose and people rushed to buy shares. Share ownership rose from 7% to 25%. The sale of council houses likewise brought its own stampede with over one million being sold. The gold rush was on and all the Left could do was watch.

The final blow to any pretence that social democracy still held a glimpse of a socialist future came from the Trojan Horse of New Labour. “These days, many social democrats are largely indistinguishable from their Conservative opponents, as a result of both types of parties converging around the centre of the political spectrum”.

And so it proved when Tony Blair became leader of Labour. He set the warning flare in 1994 with an article in the Fabian magazine and in a special Easter conference in 1995 sealed the fate of Clause 1V. (Sydney Webb 1917) However, the game had long been up for the social democrats since the Bad Godesberg conference in 1959. It was clear that the leadership both in Germany and the UK where seeing the world from a different perspective than the traditionalist. When the mind has wondered off course it is easy to get lost, or find what you have been looking for.

Leszek Kolakowski in 1982 pointed out that social democrats merely offer, “…an obstinate will to erode by inches the conditions which produce avoidable suffering, oppression, hunger, wars, racial and national hatred, insatiable greed and vindictive envy.” Quoted from Ben Jackson

By ‘inches’ will take a very long time and the idea of socialism will have disappeared into the fog of history. For example, the social democrats control the EU but have failed to utilise that power. The EU is essentially an economic club to assist the nations of Europe to fare better in the global market. Therefore workers’ rights are not a priority and if challenged the EU leadership will bring out their present stock answer; if the workers fail to let them control the vagaries of capitalism there will be no treats. And there you have it children, capitalism is the one true master. Overlords rule, ok!

In the UK the outlook is cloudy, e.g. Anthony Giddens in his book: Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics writes, “Socialism is the pursuit of ideas of social cooperation, universal welfare, and equality-ideas brought together by the condemnation of the evils and injustices of capitalism. It is based on the critique of individualism and depends on a belief in group action and ‘participation’, and collective responsibility for social welfare”. Has it not always been so? Giddens has his detractors and so the squabble goes on.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party leaders of the past walk hand in hand with their partners along a secluded beach: the Kinnock’s walk away to make their millions (£), the Blair’s do likewise, and the Miliband’s will likely continue the trend. Where’s Robin Hood when you need him, alas, he’s just a fictional character! Obviously they have never read, William Blake:

I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England’s green & pleasant Land.

The Oxford Library of English Poetry Vol: 2 edited by John Wain

th171YMN79The Left have long been lost and have lost the prospect of galvanizing the people even with essentials like human rights. They have turned the issue into a peepshow by advocating the rights of individuals to have a sex change and legal assistance for illegal

Human Rights at a glance

Human Rights at a glance

immigrants. They were batted off the field when the Conservatives pushed through same sex marriage in church. Thus a trivial tit-for-tat plays out while the need for real human rights continues unabated: slavery, child labour, mass sexual exploitation of women and children, et cetera. Human Rights have become a money spinning industry, in need of a soul.

Environmental issues are also a graveyard for the Left as they try to cherry pick specific areas such as fracking. The opponents of fracking probably turn up in their cars and use their smart phones to implore others to join them; meanwhile, taking pics of police brutality. And not a moment’s thought about their personal carbon footprint. No thought either for the slave labour used to manufacture the phones or the carbon cost of the car. Phones and cars are a tangible experience of individualism and are viewed as essential items; being such they have become divorced from conscious thought about others misery and global warming. Dah!


Blindland (5) Democracy: A Delusion

We are, we are told, living in a representative democracy. We have the right to vote inthBWNZL3F9 elections at national and local level to elect our representatives. The question is how represented the ordinary person feels or actually is represented. Are we the subject of just another delusion?

So who rules, the people or THEM? ‘Them’ is a hazy word because democracy is a concept shrouded in haze. There are so many mouths jabbering at us that sometimes we get confused by the confetti of ideas and promises that rain on us. Politicians may promise much but they deliver little. They are brothers in arms with just a hint of a different colour of tie. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s in power the working class get stuffed either because it’s our fault or we brought it on ourselves.

The true masters of the universe are the Overlords as they have the means to bewitch their underlings, politicians and the Gibbers – money, status and a gleam of power. You will not find many ordinary working class people in the halls of power unless one is highly regarded in one’s club, assuming one is allowed to join.

In America you will need a gold mine to be elected and of course the backing of one’s club. Hundreds of $millions are spent by opposing parties to have their man elected. The vast majority of people can’t even afford the club fees never mind the suits you would have to wear. Nor can Joe Bloggs afford the time off work to fly to every state to flaunt his stuff.

Elections in America are all about money; it’s a game by the rich for the rich to stay rich. It’s the same no matter which democratic country you live in. The Overlords don’t have the time to oversee the day to day business so they have managers: we call these guys politicians.

All political parties are formed in a pyramidal system, as is society. At the top is a cabal of leaders who dictate policy. The leadership (UK) can and do impose candidates on constituencies and all female shortlists. Leaders can break the rules – grassroots can’t. Their preoccupation is spelled out clearly by H.L. Mencken, “Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule – and both commonly succeed, and are right”.

thKGW4YVRMThe hypocrisy of democracy is evidenced by the scale of lobbying. Note this example of Australia, “Over the past twenty years lobbying in Australia has grown from a small industry of a few hundred employees to a multi-billion dollar per year industry”. Lobbying circumvents the very essence of democracy as industry seeks to gain an advantage their vote could not bring. The businesses that use Lobby companies would not spend the money if it didn’t pay dividends. Lobbying is thus anathema to democracy and should be banned!

The superior position of the Overlords is more glaringly obvious today with the continued growth of multi-national companies. These big boys can dictate government policy by deciding where they will locate a segment of their empire. Such a development has lead Bryan Gould (ex-Labour) to say, “The uncomfortable truth is that democracy and the free markets are incompatible.” Guardian Nov: 26 2008.

History tends to support the view expressed by Gould which therefore suggests that most attempts to reform the system will be negligible. Excited left-wingers can howl at the moon as long as they like. They can bark furiously at the Overlords but no decision on reform will manifest itself without the nod from above. Therein lies the paradox which gives credence to Gould’s assertion.

Can capitalism meet the needs of all? The short answer is no! We cannot all be rich under a capitalist umbrella. Research will show that in any war or recession the cost will be borne by the poor – without exception. It would prove impossible to share the world’s goods equitably. The 20% at the bottom are the scaffold that holds the edifice upright. This is true of individual nations and of the world as a whole.

We can give charity but that approach is a double negative because you can never solve the problem of poverty. For over 60+ years we have poured money into Africa, possibly $2 trillion into the Horn of Africa alone and the problems still persist. Even if Africa could be lifted out of poverty another black spot will emerge elsewhere. We give to charities believing we are making a difference but nothing seems to get better. Unfortunately charity is not a solution; we are being duped (twice) but it does take our mind off the problem temporarily. Charity organisations are now big business like any other business employing thousands. The guys at the top of the charities earn more in one year than ordinary Joe will over 15/20 years.

“Democracy cannot flourish half rich and half poor, any more than it can flourish half free and half slave”. Felix G. Rohatyn, investment banker.

The Human Rights Act 1948 (HR) is paraded as the panacea for the future of all. HR thO9KC4HY2was conceived to promote democracy and for the purpose of uplifting the social and economic lives of the general populace. Unfortunately, in the present political climate it seems to have abandoned its raison d’etre. As with earlier Christian, communist and socialist thinkers’ their attempts to create a better world failed because the message was corrupted by man. HR is now viewed as a political tool supporting outlandish individuals, criminals and lawyers pockets, because of this scenario the general public no longer support it and many want it gone.

We cannot all be equal in a system that by its very nature breeds inequality. Capitalism is the perfect fit for the selfish gene.



Gibbers, jabber at considerable length telling us what we should know and what we should think. As human beings we can only rationalize with what knowledge we have. Imagination may take us a step forward but it needs to be empirically tested. Media outlets cater for different layers in society; some have generated and then feed a passion for celebrity. Thus they are market oriented, without their niche market and reliance on advertisements from big business they would not survive. They are the Overlords bladder rats!

It is extremely difficult to find any objectivity in any of their presentations. Bias runs through their work like a drip-feed on a patient: we are the patient. “…the public must be barred from managing their own affairs and the means of information must be kept narrow and rigidly controlled”. Noam Chomsky

Can capitalism be ameliorated? Yes, but it cannot give everyone an equitable standard of living. The UK has proven over the past 60+ years with a welfare and health system that all can benefit, though education lags well behind. Ethics are the only bulwark against “…the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism”. Ted Heath Conservative P.M. 1970s

A set of ethics are an essential for any society that aspires to do good. Ethics are the measure of society. Of course ethics are subjective and over time they may need to be amended but ethical guidelines separate us from the Neanderthal. The authors of the Human Rights Act probably thought they had cracked it, alas they did not envisage the selfish gene.

Is there an alternative to capitalism? Not that can be seen on the distant horizon. All attempts to create a better society have proved disastrous: religion and communism stagnated under the sheer weight of their respective dogma. They were far too restrictive to allow expression and became corrupted by the army of self.

If we cannot rely on democracy then we are heading toward a new Dark Age. To forestall such an outcome politicians, the judiciary and those working in the plethora of service organisations have a responsibility beyond the confines of their job. They must ensure objectivity, transparency and honesty to help generate trust so the people can engage with the system.

Is there a way forward? There is always a way forward that is the beauty and the genius of people. No road has a dead end while we share that road with Objectivity and Reason.

Meanwhile we can take inspiration from John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. Every thinking person should have the statement framed and placed on their mantelpiece.

Take heart: “Reason is immortal all else is mortal”. Pythagoras

Blindland (2): The Cult of Personality.

thMC31RS4V“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Shakespeare, Hamlet


Reason is in hiding behind the wasteland, Objectivity has taken shelter in the dark corners and shabby boutiques of our towns and cities. Our army is scattered by the Gibbers. Nonetheless the fight goes on. We cannot surrender the ‘Gift’. At all costs we must defend it. The future will demonize us if we fail.

The Overlords contend that they are the saviours of free thought but their police are known to us all as the ‘Thought Police’. Whichever regime is in power they seek to control, to dragoon, to manipulate and mould us. You are allowed to think as long as you don’t think in opposition to the regime.

We are captivated by the ‘cult of personality’. In dictatorships either of Fascist or Communist the cult of personality surrounds the leader. Stalin of the Soviet Union, Hitler of the Nazi Regime, and look no further than Kim ll-sung/Kim Jong-un of North Korea for how far the absurdity of the ‘cult’ can reach.

However, we cannot assume that democracy is free of the cult. “The liberal democracy theory and Marxism-Leninism are very close in their common ideological assumptions”. And whilst a dictatorship is the more likely to use force on its people: “Propaganda is to democracy what a bludgeon is to a totalitarian state”. They both seek, ‘the manufacture of consent’. Noam Chomsky

Manufactured consent is secured through, what has become our obsession with movie and pop stars and with soap operas on TV. These pull us in to the netherworld and in doing so relieve us of our faculty of reason. We become immersed in a world of make-believe, which becomes our evening leisure and our daily chit-chat. Living in that world absolves us of responsibility to ourselves and to others. We are therefore left open to the propaganda of the state. “Most people are guided by emotion and impulse”. (Reinhold Niebuhr)

Yet we can overcome this sleeping sickness. Somewhere out there a sleeper has awoken! Reason awakens all that seek truth.

History is our teacher, our lifeline and the foundation of our future. Do not treat it lightly. The lessons of our past abound with great insights. Seek out history’s horror to help realize where the road ahead lies.

The past is riddled by examples of the cult of personality and strange to say but all the purveyors of Utopia have succumbed to the lust of power. All leaders of Communism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, became dictators of the workers. These erstwhile leaders of the people committed untold atrocities in order to hold on to power.

Christianity likewise has a history of persecution that can parallel any other Utopian cause. Be warned: when leaders begin to tell you what to think it is time for new leaders. Their contempt for ordinary people intensifies when the view of the populace is contrary to their own. The notion of dialectics fades into the darkness of their egocentric mind.

thCAFJWB3EUtopians may have started out with good intentions and held universality as a cornerstone but all: religion, communism and democracy become corrupted by man and the false god ego. They have given up on Reason and have closed their senses to Objectivity, and instead have allowed themselves to stumble into the cesspit of ego.

“Happy is he who has overcome his ego”.  Siddhartha Gautama, known to many as Buddha.

th03YAFKBDLeaders tend to view themselves as Plato’s Princes’, superior but with a conscience, that at times, has a tender disposition.  Unfortunately many people have little strength; our minds are easily invaded and influenced by the Gibbers, the Overlords army. The Gibbers set Dogma upon us to expel any pockets of logic that can be found. Thus we often travel blind, oblivious to the freedom that Reason brings. Reason holds the key to a future where all are equal and the search for truth is the prime objective.

Many disciples of Reason hide in open spaces; they believe it is easier to acquiesce than fight. Conflict has no set outcome and Reason can neither win nor lose by conflict. Nonetheless, Reason expects a conflict of argument to help persuade the hapless. Observe those around you: how many are so absorbed by ego that they cannot see beyond self. Truthfully, is that a good way to be?

The ‘cult of personality’ imprisons you – turn to Reason and set the people free!


Equal Rights

Equality cannot be built on a foundation when any kind of discrimination is acceptable. Yet in the UK the Government operate a system of positive action. It seems the BBC does to. In America, it’s called ‘affirmative action’. This permits by law the discrimination in favour of a minority. Logically therefore, someone is missing out.
You cannot ask anyone to accept or believe in equality when there is a government sponsored discrimination programme at work. The two concepts are diametrically opposed.
You cannot right a wrong by punishing another innocent.

Those who view guilt as a justified rationale for taking action are dealing with life on an emotional level not an intellectual one, though they may feel the latter to be true. Neither can you fast track belief systems simply because you are convinced of the righteousness of your own philosophy. Guilt is a Hadrian’s Wall to intellect. Moreover, trying to force people to accept a dogma usually backfires, how many dictatorships survive?

‘Those who attempt to level never equalize’ Edmund Burke (1729-97)

It would seem few learn from history. Perhaps they’re too busy hawking their philosophy. This has been true over the last one hundred years: Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and the startling case of N Korea, and, on, and on. These examples are so vividly stark as the characters involved all began as freedom fighters for the working class.

“Much that passes as Idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power”. Bertram Russell.

All attempts to implement communism have ended in dictatorships. Just as all of those who want to force change have control issues. In that respect the politically correct are no different their unwavering belief in the correctness of their philosophy suggests they ride the same animal with the leaders above. Poor donkey! Thankfully, the PC brigade doesn’t have complete power yet!!!!

Thus the key term here is hegemony (control) what Gramsci, called cultural hegemony. Like earlier communist rulers, the PC’s are in a hurry, they can’t wait for the population to catch up so the people have to be frogmarched into line. No time for explanation – no dialectics.
– Takes too long
– No guarantee the w/c will kow tow
– Could seriously divide society (battle lost)
The aim of any group or organisation who want to rule is to construct an ‘ideological consensus’, Dominic Strinati. Strinati, also suggests that, “they must take civil society before they take the state”. However, he may be wrong, for it seems that, the Liberal elite, have taken the state and are now trying to enforce an ideological consensus on the people.
Here we go round the mulberry bush……. (sing along)

The starting block of the PC is similar to all the other ideologues, the creation of the perfect society. Similar too, to many evangelicals out there. Maybe they should join forces; some could sing the Red Flag, while the others chant. l apologise to all evangelicals – for they have only goodness in their hearts.

Furthermore, America has had ‘affirmative action’ for about 50 years but tension at street level appears as hyper as ever. It has not brought society any closer; if anything it has created entrenchment of the worse kind, with White supremacists and ghettoization of ethnic groups the norm. The offspring of the ghettoes is social isolation and a gang culture.
Moreover, a huge race industry has arisen, especially in America, whereby some have made a niche and seem to have cemented themselves in to that vacuum. Political bickering and jostling for position becomes a common occurrence, with each ‘spokesperson’ seeking political clout. The self interest of those who deem themselves spokesmen of their respective community may have little interest in equality as there is little power and wealth in such a solution.
The UK seems to be heading down that self-same road. We already have isolated communities, some by choice, but most by social economic reality. Gang horror has erupted in our streets, especially in London. Basement cultures emerge to give credence to the struggle to make sense of the environment and pride becomes the sole arbiter of self worth.
Moreover, there is a real danger that the white working class can end-up at the bottom of the heap. The sheer scale in terms of number makes it a dilemma, if a sub-culture takes root. A sub-culture so entrenched that the rules of engagement with the wider community are not what might be acceptable to the rest of us. How long before ghettoes are no-go areas? How long before whole suburbs become gated communities?
With stark reality as tall as a sequoia the PC brigade take no notice and still fritter their time away building their ‘showhouse’. It would seem that they plan to make the UK a ‘showhouse’ for the rest of the world to ogle at, admire, wish for, and finally copy. It’s such a glorious dream where everyone;
 talks politically correct language,
 treats each other with a PC attitude,
 lives a PC lifestyle,
 reads the PC bible,
 checks their P C dictionary everyday (changes might have to be made).

In the showhouse, ‘Affirmative Action’ sits side by side, on the couch, with ‘Equality Act’. ‘Sub Culture’ plays on a playstation in the front room, while ‘Human Rights’ does weights in the back yard and ‘Working Class’ is under the stairs sucking it’s thumb .
But, but, but, and here’s the best bit – they all live happily ever after.

I see trees of green, red roses….