Human Rights: A View from the Circle


You are entering a brave new world of human rights (HR) law. A chapter in human development in which you are a participant but not directly involved in its creation or direction. What change will this law bring; will the sun shine just as bright in the mornings to come? The harbinger of this immense change is the European Convention on Human Rights, now adopted by 45 countries across Europe.

One law to rule them all, One law to find them,

One law to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien

When you read through the ‘articles’ that make up the HR law, it all seems rather nice, rather benign. But under the colourful cloak lies subterfuge so colossal that you might not believe it. 1984 and the advent of ‘big brother’ may seem like tiddlywinks and Animal Farm a fairy tale for toddlers. Some may view the law as a master stroke of human evolution while others may think that Beelzebub has come.

Where the secret lies is in the law making. The Judges are duty bound to build-up ‘common law’. This means that they set a series of legal precedents so that future judges can refer to them as though tablets of stone. Once a library of precedents has been established then that constitutes common law. Therefore there is no need to seek to reference outside the common law and in consequence all law that preceded the introduction of HR law is defunct.

This is no fiction, it is happening as you read. All law prior to 1953 will cease to be relevant, it will be: scrapped, deleted, abandoned, dumped, “into the dustbin of history.” (Trotsky) You are living in the midst of a revolution! Didn’t they tell you? They not let you into their little secret? Oops!

the ring, the power.

The all powerful

One law to rule them all; no parliament, assembly, city council or other government body will be able to block the advance of elite forward guard, the Judges. Their power will grow exponentially while everyone else’s diminishes. And we all know that: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton) Be afraid, be very afraid!

Down the line parliament itself becomes an irrelevancy. The main function of the parliament is to legislate but once ‘common law’ has become established the Judges can utilize the ‘living instrument’ element of the HR law to make any change required; as with the addition of ‘protocols’! A body of bureaucrats can administer under the watchful eye of the law makers. Councillors too will have no function and therefore be surplus to requirement. Many already view both parliament and local councils as little more than talking shops, already run by the bureaucrats. “The Withering away of the State.” K. Marx.

Once equality has reached its zenith then the bureaucracy too can start to wither and all will be in perfect harmony. For all will have achieved their ultimate goal of complete dignity and seek no other. Hmm?

Wait. Wait! Don’t run yet to the door to paradise. Be warned, there are three (3) very big and equally powerful bulwarks ready to block your way. Be careful, don’t look into their mirrored eyes; what you see may terrify you.

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us

To see oursels as others see us.

Rabbie Burns

Each is strong in their own but together they are almost omnipotent. They are the Triumvirate.

Through the ages the Triumvirate have met the challenge from Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. These four (4) riders of the Wise have hacked at the battlements to no avail. They have laid siege and faltered and their armies have dwindled in the knowledge that they cannot persist and cannot resist the lure of Self.

Undefeated still they stand, a barrier to the promised land. Capitalism, Self and Libido, the most powerful forces on earth. They will not hesitate to defend their right to be and use whatever means necessary.

The Triumvirate

The Dark Lord

Every day the Triumvirate send out their army of the ‘id’ to probe and skirmish. They are a fearsome horde, who have no conscience and serve only Self. They laugh at the lax defence of the lawgivers and feel contempt for their pious ways. Their determination is fed by a powerful ego which energizes their whole being. If captured in their pursuit of self-gratification they simply adopt the ways of the lawgivers until released and find their way back to Self.

The lawgivers promise all will be better soon and honest folk gawk in amazement. For as long as stories have been told, the armies of the Triumvirate have never been defeated. As the honest folk walk away burdened by the travails of everyday life, they feel only contempt for the lawmakers, and as they brood, ponder on the ways of Self.

Yet this is no tale of fiction, it is stark reality. The notion that the HR law can solve all the problems of equality is absurd. Their argument, their belief; that is a piece of fiction!

However, the human rights legislation does need serious examination. The law holds a stranglehold on the law making in 45 countries. That is immense power and therefore requires the most detailed scrutiny. There should be hiding place for such a crucial piece of legislation.

Q. How will the HR law overcome the wanton desires of the armies of the Triumvirate?

Q. Who will win this critical war?