It’s Only Poor People!


Sorry, I’m very busy. Yes, it must be hell but I’ve got my own life to lead. No, I don’t know where they come from but they can’t all come here.

And so, the despicable trade of human trafficking continues. Anything for money is the rationale; nothing is ruled out, sex, drugs and people. Money! It’s all about following the dream created by the West and the USA in particular, that anyone can make it big.

“Everything’s big in America,” from the musical West Side Story.

The dream has been pumped so often, so loud, so brazenly that many want a piece of the action. Thus the ‘streets are paved with gold’ scenario has come back to haunt the West.

Money means power and power means influence and influence means more power and more power means more money and so the cycle continues. The poor see the jet-set on the media and are induced to dream and if they can’t attain the dream by intellect or skill some will resort to violence.

Psychopaths (sociopaths) do well in this lust environment. It seems almost purpose made for their particular attributes – no conscience and a bloated sense of self-worth. The end justifies the means!!

Down on Civvy Street whenever a tragedy strikes people unconsciously (because of the frequency) delve into their pocket and give a little something. Moral dilemma wiped clean they go on with their daily routine. Here lies societies real problem; we are a microcosm of one, if it does not kick us in the teeth or batter down the door to our conscience we don’t pay attention or take no interest in the event.

thEI9ORLWTNearly every day we see pictures of humans who are trafficked from places such as Libya across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. In search of the dream! Traffickers can name their price and abuse at will, still they come. How many will die in the attempt, impossible to say but probably in the thousands.

The welcome mat has been withdrawn from many countries that are busy coping with the influx already on their door step. Internal politics make it harder as the local population view the new immigrants as an invasion force, come to change their way of life.

Migrants are seen as a problem all over the world. Many parts of the globe are affected and this is manna from heaven for the traffickers. Where there is demand there is money to be made. This is the classic capitalist tenet of supply & demand at work as in every aspect of ‘business’ life.

We like to hate the traffickers but they’re merely satisfying our demand. Without a demand there will be no supply. It is estimated that trafficking was worth $32 billion in 2014, WOW!

We are lead to believe that the inhumanity of trafficking is the fault of the traffickers.New Picture (2) They are depicted as the devil’s own children who make money out of misery. True, they exploit the situation and are thoughtless in their deed, money being their only prerogative. The bottom line is profit, just profit and based on the figures it is humiliatingly high.

No demand = No supply

However, trafficking is but the start of a desperate journey of exploitation. In the sex trade the abuse is about to become extreme. In hazardous work life’s misery is not ended until death. In farming and other occupations employing these unfortunates in cheap or slave labour is a sentence more demeaning than anything handed out to mass murderers.

The true horror of trafficking rests with those who create the demand.

The media spotlight and the politicians’ pouted outrage should be directed at that demand. At present the politician can hide behind the façade of the traffickers and create a public outcry about the hell of their sordid ways. Of the demand side, nothing!

Everyone along the chain of trafficking is profiting except for the human who is trafficked.

A case in point is the events in Malaysia, reported by Reuters 2015/06/05. Some 139 graves believed to be of Rohingya Muslims have been unearthed. It is thought that they were trying to escape persecution in Myanmar.

thIRC6IJ2FAnd what are the politicians concerned with? They are worried about the signing of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TTP) deal. The story goes that America has a ‘scorecard’ system regarding trafficking and Malaysia has a Tier3 rating and therefore should not benefit from any special trade deal which the TTP is. Thus the discovery of the graves puts the deal in jeopardy. If Malaysia is Tier 3 the deal should not be considered in the first instance.

America should examine its own navel as it is reported that $9bn is accrued each year in trafficking in the States.

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