Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown Connecticut

It is beyond my understanding as to why a young man could callously murder twenty kids and six teachers in cold blood. I hope that I am never in a situation to witness such a tragedy.

One of the consequences of this horror story is that it has set alight the debate on gun law in America. The point needs to be made clearly that no-one outside of the USA should attempt to force their opinion on any decision that Americans might make. The US is a democracy; they must exercise their own views and choose to change the law or not.

However, watching the story being told on TV, reading about it in newspapers and on the internet; I was struck like a hammer blow by the intransigence of the opinions expressed. It became obvious that those who support the existing law anticipated the onslaught that soon emerged from those who oppose the gun law.

Those who were interviewed on TV or wrote on the ‘net’, in favour of retaining the law as it stands, did not hesitate with their responses. They appeared ready; their defence was sharp and crystal clear. They are not moving! They spoke on TV as though directed via an earpiece or by a fully prepared speech learned by rote. There was no hesitation in their voice, no emotional input; it was as though they were remote from the outside world. It gave me the shivers!

I realised then, democracy or no, there is no debate, no rational thinking, no compromise; the mindset is rigid! Automatons rule! The world’s greatest democracy, the beacon that shines for all who desire to be free is as backward as any dictatorship.

I could perhaps understand the gun lobby if the murders were the result of gang warfare. A tragedy still, but most involved would be old enough to make some kind of rational decision.

However, innocence has no defence, cannot debate, and cannot shelter from the storm without help. Innocence requires the love of adults to ensure their protection, to teach them, to allow them to mature until they themselves are old enough to make their own rational decisions. I fear that the epitaph of these innocents will be to be used as a political football.

In God we trust? Perhaps the dollar should read – in guns we insist!

May they all be welcomed by the Hand that loves them.

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