Gaza-Israel: The Unholy War.


th[3]The pictures are horrifying, the pain we view is real and everyone flocks to take sides. So it is in every conflict but some wars have justification e.g. to fight fascism, this war is irrational, it is a fruitless encounter. Most people will be unclear in their assumption of what this war is about. Their view of the conflict will be created entirely by the media; the pictures they see, the voices they hear will condition their thinking. This is especially the case when the news is not as objective as it should be. What is portrayed as news is at times cynical propaganda.

Hamas, the government of the Gaza area are the underdogs in this conflict that is one thWSPB72GYpoint in their favour, in the eyes of the media. Gaza is the zone of most of the destruction, where Israeli bombs and tank shells fall with such devastating effect. It appears a very one-sided war, having little demonstrative effect on Israel. Should Israel therefore accept the blame for all the death and destruction caused?

Hamas are not innocent bystanders pounded by an unforgiving big bad Israel. Hamas has serious questions to answer and may rightly be called to justice for crimes against humanity. The Hamas military drive around Gaza to find venues from which to fire their rockets into Israel when they know:

  • Israel will retaliate.
  • Israel will shoot down most of the rockets.
  • The rockets are ineffectual.
  • Israel has built shelters for their population.
  • Can pinpoint where the rockets are fired from.
  • That Israel’s response will cause civilian casualties.
  • Hamas cannot defeat Israel in this way.

thTHTJDGKZWith this knowledge the Hamas leadership still determine to fire their rockets. We must therefore question the logic and their objectives in pursuance of such an action. We must also raise questions as to who is building the rockets used and who is funding the Hamas regime. Why has this money not been used to fund better conditions for the people of Gaza? Are the people of Gaza being used as cannon fodder to satisfy the political agenda of the men behind the scenes?

Hamas has put Israel on the spotlight and has gained much publicity internationally, put Israel’s supporters, USA, UK etc. on the defensive politically and has generated much support within the ‘Strip’. Thus politically, Hamas has done well but at what cost to their people.

This is an ideological war:

  • It’s anti-Jewish – anti Jewish State which is racist.
  • To build support internationally.
  • Maintain the support of their ‘financial bankers’.
  • Recruit locally for their cause.
  • Try to stimulate an anti-Israel pact in the region. Overshadowed by Islamic State.

We can look at the consequences of the conflict and trace it back to the ‘financial bankers’ of Hamas. The ‘financial bankers’ seem content to let Hamas do the dirty work while they promote their own version of a religious caliphate.

The Israeli’s have been inveigled by the Hamas tune and have danced accordingly. Trying to prove you are a tough nut to crack can often lead to over action and this is what Israel has done.

  • The Israeli’s know that the Hamas soldiers are finding spots to fire their rockets from and have duly obliged by doing a two-step; you lead, we’ll follow.
  • They know that the rockets are largely ineffectual.
  • They know there are innocent people there.
  • They may drop leaflets to warn people to get out, but where should the people run too.

To this extent Israel is every bit as guilty as Hamas for the death and destruction caused in Gaza. Having fallen into the routine Israel will find it difficult to step back without seemingly losing face. Such are the restraints of being a tough guy.

Following the philosophy of being tough has cost Israel the initiative in diplomacy. Israel has lost the international media and thus the publicity battle. The climb down will be all the harder for the zealots in the country who may view the conflict as a war of attrition. It is not. Both sides have ‘bankers’ at their disposal and therefore can sustain their effort. Unfortunately, the ordinary citizens of Gaza have nothing to gain and much to lose the longer this war goes on.

By all means let Hamas dig tunnels and the Israeli army seek them out. Otherwise, Israel has the means to defend itself and could sit back and laugh at the Hamas attempts to drive them out. They could sustain months of bombardment from the rockets of Hamas and in doing so take the high road and turn the media attention on Hamas. But alas, without the carnage the media would not be that interested in the conflict. We need death and gore before the cameras start to roll.

Nowadays the media play a critical role in any conflict as part of the rationale of the combatants is to gain recognition for themselves, their cause, and to maximize support. The coverage of this conflict in Gaza has been lamentable. We are given: numbers – children – hospital scenes. Numbers – children – hospital scenes, as the media dance to the Hamas tune. The attention of the media is almost exclusively concentrated on the emotional impact of the conflict.

There is little carnage in Israel because of the poor nature of the rockets being fired in that direction and the measures taken by the Israeli government to protect their populace. But to focus unerringly on the emotional fallout is to dance in circles and create a picture that the conflict is all one-sided. Everyone knows, or should be aware, that it takes two to Tango. Meanwhile, the real perpetrators of this war crime are the ‘financial bankers’ of Hamas who can sit and smile with satisfaction, while maintaining their anonymity. Such is the power of wealth.

The Palestinians are viewed as victims, they are, they are the victims of Israeli bombs; but while the Israeli’s fired the gun, Hamas prepared the target and the ‘financial bankers’ supplied the trigger.

“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal”. John Steinbeck

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