Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid is a very large subject and quite a controversial one and therefore demands a lot of space. It cannot be dealt with lightly as it gets a lot of people hot under the collar. Aid has had a lot of publicity recently with increase amounts been spent and folks wanting to know if the money is well spent and what it is spent on.

The problems in countries like: Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda and Sudan are acute but are we in danger of forcing these nations and, perhaps all of sub-Sahara Africa into becoming dependent on aid?

The whole of the aid programme can be characterized as one big mess. Some agencies know where their money goes others don’t. In the last 50 years of pumping money in little seems to have changed. In that period over $2.5 trillion has been given in aid; yet many roads are still mud lanes, hospitals still without sufficient medicines and schools non existent in places. Where has all the money gone?

The Horn of Africa has had over $1trillion of foreign aid but we still hear the cries for help. Are we truely aiding or hindering the continent of Africa?

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