Pinna: Has a Rant.




Pinna.   I’m back.

Me.        Bloody hell!

Pinna.   We’re not going through all that again, are we?

Me.        I’m still trying to decide if I’m sane or not.

Pinna.   I take it that you didn’t get the story out then about Untie and political correctness.

Me.        I was a bit flummoxed by what to do.

Pinna.   So there’s no point in me telling you what’s new.

Me.        No, no, I got it out. I’ve started a blog.

Pinna.   A blog! And how many between 1 & 10 visited your blog?

Me.        It’s only started. I’m sure people will find it.

Pinna.   Have you promoted it? Do you know how?

Me.        Questions, questions! I suppose you know?Pinna.   Can I read it? He reads the post. Mm, that’s not quite right. Yeah, could’ve done that a bit better. It needs a few pictures or drawings to liven it up. That needs emphasising a bit more. You should use the spellchecker.

Me.        Are you quite bloody finished? Do you want to write it?

Pinna.   Job’s done already. Anyway I can’t type, great human.

Me.        What’s all this great human crap?

Pinna.   Well, I’ve found that humans generally are so far up their anus that they can’t get to their brain for the shit.

Me.        Bloody hell! You have a high opinion of people.

Pinna.   Well, look at the world, wars everywhere, drugs, child labour, trafficking, the sex trade and of course slavery.


Me.        I wasn’t gonna say it but, bloody hell. What’s got up your nose?

Pinna.   You wouldn’t believe half the things I see and hear. Do you want me to tell you about the supreme court judge who likes to be whipped before he has sex with little boys?

Me.        You just did. I don’t want the details, thank you. And for your information, slavery is history.

Pinna.   Mr Naïve rides again. What cave have you been living in? I take it that you don’t get out much. I get it; you’re one of those people that don’t do politics. That excuses themselves of responsibility by deeming politics unsophisticated or below them. Newsflash! You are one of the main causes of the mayhem.

Me.        That’s just tripe! Pure utter rubbish.

Pinna.   Is it? You’re one of those jackasses that think the solar system revolves around them.

Me.        Calm down, no anger management juice in those syringes then.

Pinna.   Funny. Very droll. Nonetheless, you should know that there is more slavery now than ever before.

Me.        Bullshit!

Pinna.   No. Slavery is at epidemic proportions and the slave trade is a huge business, huge. Actually, I can prove it happens just down the street, a mere 5 cellars down on this side. A 15 year old girl. Phone the cops and get them to raid the house, mention the cellar and tell them to look behind the makeshift plasterboard door. Tell them to knock on the walls.

Me.        That can’t be true. You’re making it up just to win the point.

Pinna.   One way to find out.

Me.        Yeah, and have them trace the call. Then a thousand questions about how I know such details. Not likely friend.

Pinna.   Go to a public phone. Take a bus, tube or drive to town and phone from there.

Me.        Nah, I just don’t believe it.

Pinna.   Prove me a liar, it’s simple. She is only one of 21 million worldwide living a life of utter misery.

Me.        Bullshit!

Pinna.   Your vocabulary has a fascinating array of words.

Me.        Yeah, well, it’s still bull.

Pinna. Check out, and look up forced labour. Or check

Me.        How can you know websites?

Pinna.   I hear, I see and I can read. Get with the programme. Let me give you a couple of facts:

  • The trade is valued at US$ 150 billion.
  • The worst offenders are: India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ethiopia.
  • The vast majority are women and children.
  • Some 4.5 million are forced into the sex trade.

One last point, did you know that December 2nd was International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

Me.        No. It’s a funny time of year. I was busy.

Pinna.   I know, it’s a time for giving, a time for sharing and for loving.

I’m going now. Oh, do you want the name and address of that judge?

Me.        Nah, I want nothing to do with it.