Book Review

Dani Rodrik         The Globalization Paradox

Oxford University Press

ISBN 978-0-19-965252-5

A book on economics.   This is serious stuff.

Is globalization inevitable? How might it affect: democracy, the nation state, and our human rights? Will we have a say or will big business stomp all over us?

Come to grips with the concepts of supply & demand.

Heavy stuff indeed, but two of the most important aspects that govern our lives are economics and politics. Some may turn their heads away and utter that they don’t do politics; they are the moles who live in the hole. Underground.

If you wish to understand how the world’s economy works and you should, this is a good book to pick up. It’s a relatively easy read

Chapter 9 to me is a must read especially on Argentina’s experience. The country followed the neoliberal economic model and at first all went well. But….

WE should all be well acquainted with neoliberal economics; we have seen it in the media a lot recently under its pseudo name austerity.

Neoliberal model:

to cut back on regulation. Allow capital (money) free access across the globe. Cut back on government spending. Cut back on the welfare state. Privatise as much of government as possible moving the public sector into private businesses. Make the workforce ‘flexible’ e.g. accept whatever job is offered at whatever wages.

Reading the book helped me to understand the problems in the EU and in particular the argument of the Greek government. Greece is arguing against austerity while the EU is very much in favour. Who is right?

Chapter 10 holds Rodrik’s 7 point plan. Very interesting! See my post ‘No Cover for Child Labour’.





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