Book Review: Harlan Coben, Six Years

Harlan Coben        Six Years

Paperback:  Orion Books 2014

I found the story line too romantic to be believable. Undying love after six years and, after being invited to the ex’s wedding which in and of its self is humiliating. Nonetheless, a memory for exact dialogue was a bit hard to swallow. It struck me as a bit farfetched.

This was quite an emotional piece of writing with heartstrings tweaked at regular intervals. It may be like reading a Danielle Steel novel – not that I have; well, I read a chapter once. Maybe I’m a cold person but I don’t think so.

What was his love life like during the six years? Was he celibate or a bit of a philanderer? What would you expect, bearing in mind he was a hunk with extra muscle.

After 6 yrs. he becomes obsessed….. Does the end justify the means?