Book Review 3: End This Depression Now!

Book Review 3

Paul Krugman                               End This Depression Now!

What does he know?     Nobel Prize winner for Economics 2008

Professor of Economics at Princeton Uni:

A blogger for the NYT

+ + + + + + too many to list!

Find yourself a cosy chair, a drink of your choice, because you’re not going anywhere.

“Wait a mo, it’s about bloody economics. These people don’t speak English. How am I supposed to understand their gibberish?”

Don’t panic, relax; it’s like sitting in a lecture room, doodling while the prof: witters on. Only this time it’s different. You may well doodle but you will find that you have been listening. (Wem Wenger)This is easy reading of a very difficult subject for most of us. Yes, new words will come your way but in context so that the meaning is easily understood e.g. austerity, deficit, income gaps and fiscal policy. Krugman waltzes through the economic maze with such ease you can practically hear his voice.

The book is mainly concerned with America but there is sufficient reference to Europe throughout and chapter 10 EURODAMMERUNG is a must. As you read through each chapter, like me, you may find yourself saying ‘good point’ quite frequently. There is a big learning curve but it is worth the journey and be assured, you won’t get lost.

He doesn’t take prisoners nor does he mince his words; several of those in line for the guillotine can be met in chapter 9, Inflation: The Phantom Menace. Star Wars fan??? My advice to neoliberals; don’t antagonize him.

Personally I would like to see a follow up examining the UK experience since 2010 to date and the prospects for the next 5 – 10 years. It has wet my appetite for more and politically it speaks my language.

Take the plunge and emerge refreshed

ISBN 978 – 0 -393-34508-7

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