Book Review 2 The Price of Inequality

Joseph E. Stiglitz               The Price of Inequality

th[1]What does he know?         Nobel Prize joint winner, 2001

Chief economist at the World Bank

Economics aide to Clinton     administration

Therefore we can assume the guy knows a thing or two about economics and how the market works.

“I don’t know anything about economics”. Fear not trepidatious traveller it was written with you and me in mind. So, don’t be put off reading this book, you will be well rewarded.

The book is a larder, jam-packed with oodles and oodles and oodles of information; with enough juice to keep you hydrated for some time. You could write a book just itemising all the facts and figures presented, but presented in a logical, coherent and easy read format.

Find out how you’ve been duped, taken-in, played, conned, lied to, robbed, pickpocketed and generally treated like xxxx by the big boys. Read how the rich get richer while you get poorer. It may force you to wake up!

If politics is one of your interests, or the environment, justice, the poor or just plain old understanding, your thinking cap is about to explode. It’s a must read. On the other hand if you just want a quick blast of relevant stuff read the ‘preface to the paperback edition’ it’s a must read. To any reader don’t skip past the ‘preface to the paperback edition’.

Is democracy in peril? Well??? In chapter 5 he’ll walk you through the dangers. Once again, if politics is your bag – fill it! Can we do things differently? According to ‘our boy’ it’s more than possible; read chapter 10 and see if you agree.

An understanding of economics is not a requirement but you may emerge with a whole new vocabulary, e.g. social capital and progressive taxation and deregulation. Certainly, you will have enough bullets to shoot down any pretentious politician of whatever hue.

Take the plunge and emerge refreshed.

Penguin Books

ISBN 978 – 0 -718 -19738 -4

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