BBC:Woodworm Rot.

th[5]The papers are alight with the sound of gnashing teeth as the BBC fights to disarm an in-house explosive. The Public Accounts Committee, of the UK parliament, is busy making headlines for themselves attacking every nuance from BBC executives. It’s a sad day for the Corporation, once held in the highest esteem by most and now shown to be rotted at the core.

The present debacle over executive payoffs is symptomatic of the longer term infestation that was allowed to develop. Deep in the belly of management was an entrenched feeling that they were safe from political accountability. And that no government would openly attack the Corporation, and never countenance, the thought of disbanding the BBC. That sense of assuredness created a lethargy which had them believe they were fireproof. Such a situation requires a deep clean.

The size of the pay-outs is indicative of how safe they felt in their bomb shelter. It was not simply that they thought they would get away with it but believed their judgement would not be questioned. They became as Gods in their own microcosm. That is always a danger when a team is not subject to powerful scrutiny. It became an exclusive club to which you had to be invited. This is why we need a Bonfire of the Vanities!

It has been reported that the new BBC Director General, Lord Hall has appointed a number of new senior managers. Unfortunately, it would appear that they all have a discernible inclination towards the left in politics. Such a move does nothing to dampen the accusation of bias that is true of the BBC’s present set up. It does not augur well for objectivity. A manager confident in their own ability does not need a gang of sycophantic cronies quick to nod when the master speaks.

There is no disputing that the BBC is biased and that for a public broadcaster is nothing short of incredible. Anyone, who has a detectable political bias, cannot argue that objectivity is their goal.

Another little incidence of bias emerged from the coverage of the BBC by the Independent newspaper. Headline, Wednesday 11 September 2013, “Furious Tory blasts..”. The article goes on to discuss in detail the actual proceedings at the Public Accounts Committee, in doing so the furious tory is not mentioned but Margaret Hodge is quoted at length. It is so very sad to see such a public display of despicable bias from one of our leading newspapers.

Is this a war, in that a developing mind must pick sides before the mind is fully developed? Obviously, in some quarters, there is no room for thought unless it’s prescribed. Hail democracy!

Independent: free from outside control or influence. Oxford dictionary


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