Trolls: Lazy Bias

Trolls are often seen as loud malcontents and as such get little sympathy. We are all bias but some people are lazy bias. They simply adopt another person’s view as their own. No scrutiny is necessary; if they like it that’s it. You’ll find that they are most likely to pick it up if a statement has had some publicity, is trending on social media. Welcome to the world of the Troll!

Example of lazy bias:  T = Troll// Q = questioner

I hate the Daily Mail (newspaper).

  1. Why?

  2. Because.

  3. Because why?

  4. Because it’s right-wing.

  5. When did you last read it?

  6. I’ve never read it.

  7. How do you know its right-wing?

  8. I just do!

  9. Why don’t you read it and form your own opinion?

  10. What’s the point, it’s full of lies.

  11. How would you know if you’ve never read it?

  12. Everybody knows it!

  13. Give me some examples of everybody.

  14. Oh, piss off! You’re talking crap!

Unfortunately, people form opinions often without first trying to verify if true or otherwise. This is quite common; it is groupthink, a kinsman of fascism! A nicer term is ‘echo chamber’, but that lets some trolls away with not putting their thinking cap on.

The discussion above was a true exchange. There is little hope of moving that person from their fixed belief. Well, there was no time to discuss it any further. These people are, to my mind, LBP’s – lazy bias people.

I am a troll and I live in a hole, I only come out to shoot my bow.

Is this an accurate description of a Troll? Or are they just like us – highly sophisticated folk? Although trying to determine their motivation is equally difficult. We just don’t know what makes them tick.

Do they have an emotional hang-up, angry at the world? Have a need to be famous? Need a hug? Some make little attempt at empathy. Well, there’s no fun in that! They want to vent, perhaps let others feel their pain. They just feel the need to vent – against whom – anyone really, who cares. Mostly they follow others lead.

BIG Q. Should they be censored? No! They need to be challenged, to be asked to think. They need time and space to grow, to mature. Shutting them off may cause their anger to fester.

Is it more to do with de stressing by letting their anger burst out? Or does it have something to do with the need to belong by being part of a trend. Then, not happy with just criticism, they dig deep into their reservoir of sewage vocabulary; a need to stand out. If they could invent new caustic words, that others could understand; it would be like major – sergeant major – e.g. shut up, I’m talking!

Most people have an activity that they like to do and usually it is with others, e.g. football, tennis, hockey, cricket etc. Trolls just tend to troll. Are they isolated characters or are they one of your crowd? They might meet you on the street and smile and seem like nice people BUT once in their den environment Mr Hyde comes to the fore.

What is annoying is that these people have talent. Unfortunately, that talent is used in a negative way. If only they could be turned around to spend their time on the computer/phone to make positive things happen.

There are a myriad of good fights out there, e.g. the environment, education, kids need better schools, animal welfare and a host of others. If folks want to vent, aim at the politicians who take but don’t give. Bombard them with facts & figures. Ask them what they are doing to help the community, kids play areas etc. Oops. Have I become a dictator?

Do some research on the net and once you have good stuff, hit the politicians with it. A nice long email with oodles of info every couple of months might have them knocking on the door at the local looney bin. Give them a wave- bye. Have I morphed into a Troll?

Is negativity eating you? Get creative!!!

Pick a topic – play areas for kids – get on social media ask if anyone has good info and ask them to share. It would be interesting to find out how many respond. Start a trend, ask all respondents to follow your example and write to their local politician. Make a video of your campaign and put it on YouTube.

Put yourself on the map by making a difference. Be different, be hyper, and take the fight to those cretins who don’t really care. It’s good to be good! Or is it? Perhaps the buzz from attacking others brings more dopamine (reward chemical) to the pleasure centre of the brain. Hm, is evil good? I don’t think so; we all live in a community and, the better the environment the happier the people. More smiles, more chats, more making new friends. Hey, win, win, win!!! That’s the way to do it!!


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