The Bias War

thBZNBAEI3This war is a bitter struggle to control our thinking. It is waged across the media and most aspects of our lives. The conflict is between the Left (incorporating the Liberals) and the Right in politics. Their concern is not you but your temporary acquiescence at election time. Over the decades it has become a war of attrition. Both present a tablet of stone and etched on each is the route to a promised land.

Who are we to believe?

Neither! Their thoughts are not truly centred on the people though that is the claim. They demand the help of the public to banish the opposition. Otherwise, your voice, your vote is irrelevant to them.

Who has the upper hand?

The Right, they control most of the media, are more united in their approach and have already won over many converts from the electorate. On the economic front, their boys, the neoclassical school of economics hold sway over the world’s economy. They are supported by a raft of powerful friends: the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a grouping of the world’s most successful countries, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). You have to admit a host of influential bodies. But I can assure you on sound medical grounds that they all fart.

Why don’t we support them?

Because they couldn’t give monkeys toss for the people. It was these storm troopersthBZDCK3J2 that caused the banking crisis of 2008 which is still hurting millions of ordinary Joes’ around the world. It is they who want to dismantle the welfare state and leave the poor without any assistance. It was they who made the taxpayer cough up the tab for the banking crisis $ billions x 100 and they who okayed the continuation of huge bonuses for their buddies in the banking sector. Meanwhile the Joes’ of this world lost their jobs, their homes, livelihood and happiness.

History is littered with the anguish of the poor at the hands of such mercenaries. These are the true soldiers of fortune. They force the poor to pay the tab and then the government introduce quantitative easing, pouring $ £ millions into the economy, which is in reality like a super tax cut for the rich. Life is only fair if you’re rich.

Should we support the Left?

thHQSWHLW4No! The Left have forgotten what struggle is all about. They treat the citizenry with utter contempt. In the eyes of the Left, the general public are too thick to understand what they need and so, the Left take it upon themselves to lead. The Left don’t have the time to sit around and chat and to explain their ideology to the beer swigging, pot- bellied, pork pie guzzling, disinterested, short-sighted morons from the council estates and elsewhere. Sorry I’m a burden mate.

Both sides in this ideological war don’t really care one way or the other what the Joes’th2PIIXDFP think. Joe is just piggy in the middle. In fact, the people are a distraction but necessary cannon fodder at election time; otherwise they should be good little doggies and SHUT UP.

Wait a minute mate, what’s the alternative?

There is no easy, straightforward way that the people can make a decisive impact on decision making. Some will call for revolution because they are angry or it simply sounds good. However, revolution has too many variables and the poor will pick up the tab in death and destruction and the cost of rebuilding. Also, the outcome of the revolution is not guaranteed think communism and close the door on revolution.

th04F898NFIn the short term the best route forward is the democratic process. Democracy requires commitment without the ego and that makes it a very difficult landscape to manoeuvre. The first step is easy enough always vote but not for one of the big boys’ enforcers: Conservative, Labour or Liberal. Soon the strategists, the number crunchers will note the change in pattern and the toilet seats in parliament will be booked well in advance.

A no- vote is not an option; it does not register your disgust with the politician. Quite the opposite it’s just one person less to canvas. It doesn’t matter whether a MP gets a 5 vote majority or 10,000 they still have one cushy job.

The next step is to look for a plausible alternative political group. You may not agree with their agenda but it’s the message to your sitting MP that’s important. Collectively the people have more power than they envisage. The difficulty lies in trying to organise any strike back at the establishment. The prospect exists by collecting 100,000 clicks on the net. Do one on MP’s expenses?

It can be done, bombard your MP with letters, email, give them something to do. Let them know in simple terms that you are dissatisfied with their performance and that of their Party.

E.g. I am unhappy at the extent of immigration and want to see it reduced dramatically. If your party cannot do it then my family and I will vote accordingly.

I choose immigration because it is the number 1 issue of the day. (See later post)

Ask friends to send a similar brief letter or email. Send it to a newspaper. If enough people do it you may be surprised how you can influence public opinion.

Unfortunately, for many too busy with their social life, Instagram, twitter etc. life itself just rolls by. They only operate on instant – how cool am I – feedback. They are the perfect sap for the political elite! As long as Santa continues to come they don’t care.

People power exists, join the revolution!



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