He’s Here!


thCAAXS9NGShush! Don’t make a sound. Don’t stand up! He’ll put you down. Big Brother has arrived. His arrival is much later than envisaged by 1984 author George Orwell, neither did Orwell anticipate that the controlling hand would stem from a democratic rather than a totalitarian regime. Few could have foreseen the rise of the troika, renamed ‘The Institution’.

Poor Greece it doesn’t stand a chance against the might of the EU and its enforcers, the troika, the faceless: the European Commission (E Comm) the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) all unelected. It is their way or the highway.

This is your Europe where democracy does not matter, where decisions will be made for you. The democratically elected government of Greece tried to uphold the principles by which it was elected but has been brow beaten by ‘The Institution’. Greece wanted to opt out of the austerity economic plan followed by the rest of Europe. The new government wanted to reverse the savage cuts imposed on its workers by ‘The Institution’.

As far as the faceless are concerned there is no alternative to their adopted policy. They are wrong, very wrong. I can point them to two Nobel Prize winning economists, a Harvard university economist and a Cambridge university economist who all advocate a positive alternative to the austerity / neoliberal model now in force.

    • J.E. Stiglitz, The Price of Inequality
  • Paul Krugman, End This Depression Now!
  • Dani Rodrik, The Globalization Paradox
  • Ha-Joon Chang, Economics: The User’s Guide


Greece did not cause this mess, though the propaganda would have you believe otherwise. What Krugman p177 calls the Big Delusion when he points out that Ireland and Spain both had budget surpluses and low debt prior to the banking crisis of 2008 but ended in the same bog as Greece. So it was not that Greece spent more than it could afford. Krugman p179 goes on to suggest that the political, financial and banking leaders are deeply committed to their version of events. Others may define their logic as ‘groupthink’.

A large part of the blame rests with the introduction of the € euro currency but they will never admit their complicity in creating a mess. At the time of the discussion to adopt the euro many pointed out that while America had a good model, “Europe fell far short of that model”. Krugman p173   Stiglitz p30 is equally scathing in stating that there was no “…political or institutional arrangements to make it work, and they will pay a high price for that failure”. I think we can all agree they are.

Moreover, it’s not just Greece that’s in trouble: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Italy are trapped in the same bog. These nations have opted to wield the axe and cut the life blood of so many families by cutting jobs by the thousand, cutting welfare, lowering wages and refusing to increase the minimum wage and allowing privatisation which entails job cuts.

Ha-Joon Chang p105 therefore concludes, “With the austerity budget, the prospect for economic recovery in many of these countries is dim”. That they might even face a ‘lost decade’ as Japan suffered in the1990s and Latin America 1980s. The point is supported by Krugman p186, “…deficit countries have been required to impose…draconian…spending cuts and tax hikes—programs that push them into deeper slumps…” Krugman p42 suggests that the ‘Institution’ should look at the work of past economists e.g. John Maynard Keynes, Irving Fisher and Hyman Minsky to find an alternative to the neoliberal austerity package.

Why Austerity?

The IMF, the World Bank and the Federal Bank of the USA are commonly referred to as the Washington Consensus as these are the guys pushing the neoliberal model, free trade and globalization. Rodrik p171 opines that it is a “damaged brand” and has abundant evidence to support his statement.

The role of the IMF is quite confusing:

  • In the years 1978 – 2009 the IMF found 173 cases of fiscal austerity in advanced countries, “And what they found was that austerity policies were followed by economic contraction and higher unemployment”. Krugman p237
  • In February 2010 the IMF document Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy, suggested that central banks such as the ECB in Europe “might be better to aim for 4% inflation rather than the 2% or less that has become the norm for ‘sound’ policy”. A policy of ‘groupthink’. P161
  • In 2011 a study by the IMF found that inequality in income affects the economy on the demand side and suggests that ‘reduced inequality’, the reverse of austerity, can lead to sustained growth. Stiglitz p114

The conclusion drawn by Stiglitz p288 is that, “The worst myths are that austerity will bring recovery and that more government spending will not”. Support comes from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) “…income inequality has a sizeable and statistically negative impact on growth”. Guardian 14/12/09

Nonetheless we find the IMF as part of the ‘Institution’ that is promoting austerity in Europe. Who are the faceless that they can disrupt the lives of millions and simply walk thILH29564away with their own pockets filled? Stiglitz p290 condemns them as akin to blood letters of the Middle Ages who cut to release bad blood and when the patient didn’t recover argue that more of the same was needed. They are fixed in their opinion. Groupthink!


“Groupthink is one of the most dangerous traps in our decision-making. It’s particularly likely because it taps into our deep social identification mechanisms – everyone likes to feel part of a group – and our avoidance of social challenges. But consensus without conflict almost always means that other viewpoints are being ignored, and the consequences of groupthink can be disastrous”. (p137)

Dr Nicky Hayes, Understand Psychology

A telling point by the author comes with the observation, perhaps tongue in cheek,     “…our understanding of what it is and how it happens doesn’t seem to stop politicians and others from doing it”.

The Greek people were not alone in rejecting austerity the Netherlands and France voted out pro-austerity parties in 2012. A year later the Italians did the same. Chang (p106) It will be interesting as other elections come up how the people will respond but will it make a difference. The ‘Institution’ has set its parameters and seems unlikely to budge. Can people power move them? Or are we powerless against the ‘bureaucratic order’. He’s Here. Are we witnessing the start of the overt rule by the faceless? Democracy, write it in your diaries for your grandchildren to read.

Do some good—————–join Robin Hood.

Keep Yanks Out!


th1E4V7Y96The question of GM foods is a hot topic again. It has been brought to the fore by discussion of a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a proposed trade agreement between the USA and Europe. This agreement is in keeping with the ultra-conservative economic outlook of neo-liberalism. The tension rose by quite a few notches when the EU approved legislation allowing member states to grow GM crops.

A GM crop, maize was grown in Europe for animal feed purposes. A potato was introduced but was later withdrawn as it was blocked from gaining Europe wide approval. (BBC 14/1/15) A final decision awaits as pressure mounts on the EU ministers to comply with USA wishes.

The power of big business is smeared all over this decision, described as “…a deceitful, messy and unprincipled compromise”. www.theecologist.org/News/   If a member state

what it means for MNC's

what it means for MNC’s

(EU) decides not to grow a GM crop the company can take that nation to court. These Multi-National Corporations (MNC’s) are multi- billion dollar businesses and thus can afford the best legal brains, as well as the money to contest the decision.

Case: Bayer and Syngenta are in court fighting the decision by the EU to ban the bee killing ‘neonic’.             I am not convinced democracy is safe. www.action.somofus.org

America’s MNC’s are poised to flood the European market with their seeds/plants. GM crops are already grown and on sale in America and parts of Asia. A problem for Europe is that it is far behind in research and therefore may become dependent on the MNC’s for their entire product. Of the largest 500 MNC’s 88% are American. David Farnham Human Resource Management

My anxiety is raised by a dispute between Testbiotech and Grace. Grace is an EU research programme dealing with GM crops. The study in question is one carried out by Grace, a 90 day feeding assessment on animals. Grace assures us that the study found nothing to be alarmed about but Testbiotech think differently.

The study over a period of 90 days sought to determine whether feeding GM maize had any adverse effect. The conclusion was that if maize constitutes 33% of the animal’s diet there is no problem. However, I have a few questions that need answered before I can feel assured.

  • cowpat


    Is 90 days a sufficient period to understand fully the gestation of the animal from consumption to the cowpat?

  • Is there any possibility of residual matter remaining in the animal’s gut?

Even at miniscule levels residuals can build up over time. It’s like dust on a mantelpiece, you don’t see the tiny specks but after a while you can run your finger through the dust. Therefore I don’t accept that a 90 day period is sufficiently exhaustive to assure me that I can eat the resultant beef or lamb etc. I am not convinced GM crops are safe.

Furthermore, I am concerned that the Grace study limited the animal feed to 33% of the animal’s diet. What measures will be taken to ensure that such a percentage of feed will be adhered too? We all know that business cuts corners to maximize profits and, that many animals can and are penned because it’s cheaper and helps to fatten the animal. Therefore, many animals can and will be fed a diet of 100% of GM maize. What would be the effect on the animal in such circumstances?

Of real concern is that Grace can openly state that while there has been many studies carried out on GM crops the evidence is, “…contradictory and the quality of research varies widely”. Moreover, “Overall, it’s true, drug company trials are much more likely to produce a positive outcome for their own research”. Ben Goldacre Bad Science p205    I am not convinced I’m being told the truth.


What also worries me is that EU ministers have okayed Du Pont Pioneer’s Supercorn (maize) despite concerns of the effects on wildlife such as moths and butterflies. What other wildlife can be affected? (Guardian 13/1/15) Another question, what will be the affect when all our arable land is planted with GM crops?                                                 I am not convinced the environment is safe.

A political battle is brewing and ordinary Joes must be participants if we are to defeat the big boys in their attempt to control agriculture world -wide. This statement may seem a little OTT but the MNC’s: Du Pont, Monsanto, Bayer etc. by controlling the development and the sale of seed/plants they control what is sown and harvested. Ultimately what we eat. It is not hyperbole to suggest that these huge conglomerates can place a strangle-hold on the agricultural market. Once established it is a small step to the corruption of trade practices and in consequence the setting up of a cartel. History illustrates that such a manoeuvre in business is quite common.                           I am not convinced business can be trusted.

Nonetheless, it is heartening that some countries in the EU have a ban on GM crops, e.g. France and Hungary. However, the government in England support the introduction of GM crops. This in part is due to the powerful Lobbying of the industry. (Daily Mail 13/1/15) It would appear that business will not take no for an answer; they lobby to get ministers agreement but threaten court action if a government dare refuse them.            I am not convinced democracy is safe.

In the UK both Scotland and Wales have a ban in place which they seem likely to th5GR2D1P3maintain. Thus GM crops will only be grown in England. However, a problem arises on the question of border contamination (Friends of the Earth). We have no control over the wind or where wildlife may roam. The other dilemma is that once the GM is used the spread will become automatic as the industry will make it cheaper to produce in the first instance to entice farmers and consumers. MNC’s are “able to exploit their market positions and power to achieve greater economies of scale in production”. David Farnham ibid

It is akin to the national lottery UK, whereby in the early days the pay-outs were huge, the cost relative and thousands had several little wins (£10 / $15). Now the price has doubled and the pay-outs much smaller and no one talks of little wins.

Those in favour of the GM crop, www.farminguk.com suggest that there are two varieties of Roundup Ready maize poised for planting as soon as the go-ahead is given. The site quotes government minister, Owen Paterson, it’s a “wonderful opportunity”. Paterson goes on to suggest that GM crops are safer than conventionally produced crops. If Paterson is so convinced, why doesn’t he do something about the poor quality of our food? At least bring it to the peoples’ attention.                                     I am not convinced MP’s listen.

In 1990, a compatriot of his, Tory minister John Gummer made a spectacle of himself by trying to feed his young daughter a beef burger at the height of the Mad Cow’s Disease scandal. I am not convinced my food is safe.

Even more stridently in favour is www.forbes.com (13/1/15) who advises President Obama to dismiss fears about health, the environment and labour as well as market fears about the TPP. Oh, to be so absolutely free of doubt on so many issues. On the other hand one could say, oh, how callous of Forbes to dismiss peoples’ anxieties just to make a profit. I am not convinced when profit feeds their lust.

Unbeknown to us, we may already be eating GM food. Once again we may be getting used as guinea pigs. Once again history is littered by mad science, thalidomide being one of the nastiest. Also, in 2011 in Germany 19 people died in an E.coli outbreak caused by a lax in farming methods. Mad cow’s disease and more recently, 2013, the use of horsemeat in processed food sold as beef and lamb.                                             I am not convinced business can be trusted.

Moreover, of GM crops produced: soybeans 59%; the EU imports 40 million tonnes for animal feed. Of course we eat the animals. Feeling queasy? Rapeseed grown extensively in Canada is used in cooking oil and margarine. Cotton seeds are found in many food products. Are we being treated as ubiquitous morons?                               www.gmo-compass.org “Big pharma is evil: I would agree with that premise”.            Ben Goldacre, op. cit.

I only wish I had the techno skills to begin a campaign on twitter etc.

#I am not convinced…………

I am not convinced GM crops are safe

I am not convinced the environment is safe

I am not convinced business can be trusted

I am not convinced when truth is muted

I am not convinced MP’s listen

I am not convinced democracy is safe

I am not convinced Europe works for me

I am not convinced my choices are free.

Eat well, but carefully. The struggle has just begun.


In God’s Name!

thHDQGIV03Recently there has been a rash of suicide bombers and skilled and unskilled terrorist attacks. Over centuries we have witnessed carnage in the name of religion. Today religion stills plays a central role in conflict throughout the world. Or are the true perpetrators the dark deities of money and power.

The world press are talking about France and the atrocities that took place there in the past week, 7th / 10th January. The killing of the satirists of Charlie Hebdo was senseless; the later killing at the Jewish bakery was blind hatred and as senseless as the killing of the police woman. There can be no justification for such murder. It was an apparition of psychological control by outside forces. The problem with belief is that it lives in one season and that season can be determined by the believer.

If it is winter the abstract believer sees only dark and hears only the squawk and the squish of the landscape. Spring with its thrusting energies struggling for life, seems far off. Summer is but a distant lullaby and, autumn with its alluring contrasts, for some, holds only the drawn-out winter to come. Belief can contort all around you until all that you see are hopeless puppets living in a fairy-tale.

I have no doubt that religious belief can bring much joy and satisfaction to some, but the other side of the coin is the construct of man and the lust for money and power that follow as a shadow. It is therefore incumbent upon all who accept their faith as a blessing to openly condemn those who would portray their faith, in such a fashion, as to be mistook as the devil’s own handy work.

While France has captured the headlines there are many other parts of the world where carnage vents its ugly face. Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen have all suffered gravely from similar attacks. The list is long and unfortunately it is a list that quantifies hate.

Over recent months Nigeria has woken to excessive horror. In November 2014 forty-thZC9YPUWLeight (48) were murdered at a school assembly by a child suicide bomber. On New Year’s Eve, in the city of Gombe another child bomber failed to reach her target but killed one soldier and injured another. The next day and yet another child bomber failed to reach the target, a church, but died in trying. On January 9th, a child bomber killed a possible 19 and injured more than twenty in the city of Maiduguri. The following day, in Potiskum in Yobe state two more blasts as two children killed three (3) and caused injury to over forty.

The savagery of these events does not lie only with the innocent ruthlessly cut down but also with the use of children as bombers. These were kids who had no chance of comprehending the complex nature of politics; whose minds had previously been filled with dreams and aspirations, but in the immediacy wanted their mum. Used as cannon balls, as worthless individuals, to perpetrate atrocities on behalf of adults.

Such adults will never know understanding because their belief lives forever in winter. There is no intellectual capacity in the minds of these men, for they cannot comprehend the needs of others and therefore will never fathom the depths of themselves. They are trapped on an endless merry-go-round that never passes go.

In Peshawar Pakistan 150 people, mostly children slaughtered at a school by the Taliban. Why? Do not tell me that you have a ‘cause’. No ‘cause’ would use the bodies of children as a battering ram. Certainly, no ‘cause’ that has humanity. Barbarity is the last recourse of those who intuitively know that they face defeat. The past will not be re-invented and the harder they kick the closer their demise looms.

Likewise in Iraq, a 14 year old child taken from his home in Syria to blow himself up and in the process kill as many others as possible. He probably didn’t know where he was and almost certainly did not understand why he was carrying out this act of terror.

Suicide bombers are fragile beings, usually young and who have been brainwashed or forced by some fear into a philosophy that has closed the door on humanity. Any revolution, any struggle for power should at its bases have the majority as the winners of any outcome. The only alternative is to attempt to impose a dictatorship, a fascist regime.

To murder and to force the scattering of survivors by the razing of 16 villages as at th3R87WKY7Baga, north-east Nigeria, suggests a principle of victory at any cost, whether it benefits the people or not. Victory for the sake of victory has only power and money as a consideration. The ‘cause’ has been lost in the melee of the armed struggle.

Several groups who started with a clear vision have ended up as corrupt as those they oppose. In Peru, Afghanistan, in Nigeria and elsewhere those in opposition have succumbed to criminality through the sale of drugs etc. all in the ‘virtuous’ need to continue the struggle. The use of children and the criminality suggests a weakness. A weakness that oozes from their pores as a sweat would after a 10K run. They have entered and become a part of the world they oppose. They have wandered blindly in and, are unaware that their vision is crumbling.

Moreover, these terror attacks have given new life to weak politicians. Politicians that faced being ousted from office, now stand strong, statesman like, and speak for the nation. They can now revel in the adulation that was never intended for them. Governments are now racing to introduce new laws to curb the terrorist but in doing so will curb the freedom of all. The politicians now demand control over the internet to check our every thought. Big brother will seize the opportunity.

Also, the terrorists have caused a fissure in our society. For those who oppose democracy it is a welcome boost, for those who believe in democracy it is a loss. The anti-Muslim marches in the German town of Dresden that had 200 walkers in October had 25,000 on Monday 12/1/15.

The press don’t help either, so intent are they with their own political agenda. On Monday’s march in Dresden the Daily Mail reported 40,000, the Independent gave the figure of 25,000 and qualified their coverage by informing readers that there were counter demonstrations of 8,000 in Dresden as well as 4,000 in Berlin. However, France 24 news channel suggest that the counter demonstrators equalled 100,000 but gave no evidence for such a claim. Please, don’t try and brainwash me. Perhaps you believe us to be feeble. At a time of heightened tension we do not need such bias reporting as that of France 24. Give us the facts and let us make up our own mind. Freedom of thought!

I have no angst that the French comedian Dieudonne has aired his views and don’t agree with his arrest. We also have TV stations giving air time to al Qaeda claiming to have ordered the killings and in praise of those who carried out the murders. The same piece incites others to do as the French killers have done. (Was this appeasement?) I don’t like anyone promoting murder and would not give them air time. I could never condone the murder of an innocent.


Furthermore, many media outlets have refused to show the cartoon that sparked thethXK46FOCW killings. Nor will they show the most recent one produced by Charlie Hebdo. In the eyes of the fanatic division is a weakness. We must surely ask if tolerance has a gate that it will not pass through, especially if that demand for tolerance comes from an intolerant source. And, can we permit religious fanatics to dictate to an increasingly secular society?

I am not afraid of the views others hold as long as they are willing to discuss them rationally and openly and without violence. We learn and grow from such dialogue. I am not afraid because if we both grow then everyone benefits.

Will God end the pain? No. God is in the living not the theory.

thB7HQI3MQJe suis Charlie



Immigration: The True Cost of Cheap Labour

thD11S73YEIt’s a strange phenomenon but both the Left (includes Liberals) and Right in British politics support mass immigration. But it has nothing to do with helping the poor. The latest figure published was a net annual increase of approximately 250,000. That’s a population growth of one (1) million every four (4) years not including the birth rate. It comes as no surprise that business is unashamedly in favour of mass immigration, it’s good for business. The support from the Left is a bit more bewildering. Nonetheless, what are the costs to our society?

There are several areas upon which immigration has a serious impact. The first of many is on wages and this hits the people at the bottom the hardest. A large body of people entering the country seeking work obviously keep wage levels down and forces them down further. This can only be good news for employers. How does it help the local workers?

Working conditions also suffer as migrants do not unionise. This is mainly because they are too scared for fear of losing their job. Going on strike outside of union support is a non- starter. Therefore they are subject to added pressure to work longer hours than their local counterparts. In addition over one (1) million migrants are illegal and have little choice but to do as they are told.

We can then add the large number which is controlled under gangmasters. Their working conditions are as they find them with no method to bring about change. Likewise their living conditions can be well below the standard acceptable to the rest of our society. This virtual slave labour market should be abolished forthwith.

It is true to say that migrants do take jobs from the local indigenous population. Localsth[10] cannot manage their households on the wages offered and pay rent/mortgage, council tax and the cost of getting to and from work and other associated costs. In most cases the ordinary Joes’ would have to accept a lower standard of living in order to take up a job.

Their refusal to live on less than what national state benefits allow has the poor castigated as scroungers. They are hit with a volume of abuse that would definitely not be tolerated if they were composed of one ethnic group. These people are almost demonized.

The unemployed and those who have been on benefits long term tend not to own their own home. Many are corralled into Council run estates and left to fester. It is well documented that employers don’t look favourably on such residents when jobs become available.

Thus we are allowing the continued development of sub culture districts. The clear thBNJC2GU0knock on effect is that families become increasingly dysfunctional. In consequence, we are condemning many thousands of children to a miserable existence. A sizable number of these communities will disenfranchise themselves. The danger is that they become increasingly lost to the wider community and delve into crime etc. Such disassociation will end up costing a lot more in the long run.

Of course we have had slums since the Industrial Revolution but up until the modern era there have been jobs that catered for the labourer army. However, labourer jobs are not as numerous and cheap competition means many are not as accessible. Factories up and down the country employ cheap /illegal workers, usually paid below the minimum wage.

In this new environment those without jobs have become dependent on benefits to survive. Even for the skilled the cost of relocation, (north to south) is not an option either due to the financial implications of finding accommodation and surviving until the first wage comes through. And the prospect of training or retraining is just another scribble added to the Santa Claus wish list.

th[2]A further consequence of mass immigration is that we fail to train the locals for the jobs that need doing. A recent example is that of nurses, whereby 80,000 applied nationally for a course but only 20,000 got accepted.

Meanwhile, we are employing many from abroad. It is cheaper to bring them in than train our own young people. Not a moment’s thought is given about the needs these workers leave behind in their home country. We are as leeches on the poor abroad. Employers are saving £millions not having to provide training. What is the message to our young people?

The differences in societal precepts emerge as migrants naturally bring their own cultural norms, can and do bring tensions. In the past this has led to a clash of cultures which in turn leads to ethnic ghettoes. In these districts the residents become fair game for gangs and political opportunists. The areas become increasingly shut off from the mainstream and the aspiration and value of the individual lessens and the community becomes more insular.

Immigration on the scale we are presently witnessing is all about money; it is about big business getting the cheapest possible labour and therefore making the highest possible profits. It is not about people. It is not about helping the poor of other nations. It is not about helping this country and it’s poor. It is about exploiting the poor from abroad and in doing so degrading the workers already here.

No doubt there are heart-warming stories of some migrants who have made it good. However, for every positive there will be 100+ heart-breaking stories of young women and children forced onto drugs and prostitution and slave labour. There are thousands out there just surviving in lives of unimaginable misery.

We have failed to advance the livelihood of many young people in the UK whatever their background. Without adequate training programmes we compound their difficulties, we leave them on the shelve like last year’s hot toy, hoping someone will take pity and do the right thing. It is a testament to their character that they carry on without causing an upheaval.

Whatever happened to Education, Education, Education? Ask Mr Blair and his party.

The present government’s flagship for youth is the apprenticeship scheme. According to the most recent study it is not all it aspires to be:

  • 70,000 less applied than the start year of 2010.
  • 15% of all apprentices are paid below minimum wage.
  • 21% get no formal academic training.
  • 93% of those aged 25+ already worked in the place before being put on the apprentice scheme. Wow! Does this mean that their employer simply turned them into apprentices to get the grants from government?
  • Small to medium size firms can get £1,500 per apprentice. How much do the big boys’ get?

The idea behind apprenticeship is a wholly positive one; it was to cut youth unemployment but here’s the irony: there has been a 520% increase of apprenticeships in the over sixty (60) age bracket. I wonder if they all had to dye their hair.     Independent Newspaper 1/1/2015

The real story is that it has become just one more money spinner for business at the taxpayers’ expense. Their greed knows no end.

Why has the Left supported mass immigration? It is beyond my simple political thinking. I can only assume that they have been beguiled by human rights activists and have gone on a binge of HR rhetoric. It would seem that they are still pissed on said rhetoric or suffering from a huge hangover. How else can they justify the damage they are causing all over the country? Our society has become fractured.

The conspiracy theory:

We are all participants in a global experiment by the Liberal/Left to change the fabric of the world. In this brave new world, we all speak the same and everyone’s right is tolerated no matter how bazaar. However, we will be separated by education, wealth and nepotism. So what’s so different from today’s world?

Joe wants to matter now.               Join Robin Hood and do some good!thSJMZ0920


The Bias War

thBZNBAEI3This war is a bitter struggle to control our thinking. It is waged across the media and most aspects of our lives. The conflict is between the Left (incorporating the Liberals) and the Right in politics. Their concern is not you but your temporary acquiescence at election time. Over the decades it has become a war of attrition. Both present a tablet of stone and etched on each is the route to a promised land.

Who are we to believe?

Neither! Their thoughts are not truly centred on the people though that is the claim. They demand the help of the public to banish the opposition. Otherwise, your voice, your vote is irrelevant to them.

Who has the upper hand?

The Right, they control most of the media, are more united in their approach and have already won over many converts from the electorate. On the economic front, their boys, the neoclassical school of economics hold sway over the world’s economy. They are supported by a raft of powerful friends: the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a grouping of the world’s most successful countries, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). You have to admit a host of influential bodies. But I can assure you on sound medical grounds that they all fart.

Why don’t we support them?

Because they couldn’t give monkeys toss for the people. It was these storm troopersthBZDCK3J2 that caused the banking crisis of 2008 which is still hurting millions of ordinary Joes’ around the world. It is they who want to dismantle the welfare state and leave the poor without any assistance. It was they who made the taxpayer cough up the tab for the banking crisis $ billions x 100 and they who okayed the continuation of huge bonuses for their buddies in the banking sector. Meanwhile the Joes’ of this world lost their jobs, their homes, livelihood and happiness.

History is littered with the anguish of the poor at the hands of such mercenaries. These are the true soldiers of fortune. They force the poor to pay the tab and then the government introduce quantitative easing, pouring $ £ millions into the economy, which is in reality like a super tax cut for the rich. Life is only fair if you’re rich.

Should we support the Left?

thHQSWHLW4No! The Left have forgotten what struggle is all about. They treat the citizenry with utter contempt. In the eyes of the Left, the general public are too thick to understand what they need and so, the Left take it upon themselves to lead. The Left don’t have the time to sit around and chat and to explain their ideology to the beer swigging, pot- bellied, pork pie guzzling, disinterested, short-sighted morons from the council estates and elsewhere. Sorry I’m a burden mate.

Both sides in this ideological war don’t really care one way or the other what the Joes’th2PIIXDFP think. Joe is just piggy in the middle. In fact, the people are a distraction but necessary cannon fodder at election time; otherwise they should be good little doggies and SHUT UP.

Wait a minute mate, what’s the alternative?

There is no easy, straightforward way that the people can make a decisive impact on decision making. Some will call for revolution because they are angry or it simply sounds good. However, revolution has too many variables and the poor will pick up the tab in death and destruction and the cost of rebuilding. Also, the outcome of the revolution is not guaranteed think communism and close the door on revolution.

th04F898NFIn the short term the best route forward is the democratic process. Democracy requires commitment without the ego and that makes it a very difficult landscape to manoeuvre. The first step is easy enough always vote but not for one of the big boys’ enforcers: Conservative, Labour or Liberal. Soon the strategists, the number crunchers will note the change in pattern and the toilet seats in parliament will be booked well in advance.

A no- vote is not an option; it does not register your disgust with the politician. Quite the opposite it’s just one person less to canvas. It doesn’t matter whether a MP gets a 5 vote majority or 10,000 they still have one cushy job.

The next step is to look for a plausible alternative political group. You may not agree with their agenda but it’s the message to your sitting MP that’s important. Collectively the people have more power than they envisage. The difficulty lies in trying to organise any strike back at the establishment. The prospect exists by collecting 100,000 clicks on the net. Do one on MP’s expenses?

It can be done, bombard your MP with letters, email, give them something to do. Let them know in simple terms that you are dissatisfied with their performance and that of their Party.

E.g. I am unhappy at the extent of immigration and want to see it reduced dramatically. If your party cannot do it then my family and I will vote accordingly.

I choose immigration because it is the number 1 issue of the day. (See later post)

Ask friends to send a similar brief letter or email. Send it to a newspaper. If enough people do it you may be surprised how you can influence public opinion.

Unfortunately, for many too busy with their social life, Instagram, twitter etc. life itself just rolls by. They only operate on instant – how cool am I – feedback. They are the perfect sap for the political elite! As long as Santa continues to come they don’t care.

People power exists, join the revolution!



The Left and the Brickwall.


th83MEZBW5The Left in UK politics as elsewhere are remnants of lost tribes. There are so many groups and factions, so many one-dimensional believers. Their voices do not resonate with the people but rather sound like interference over an inaudible crackle. Little wonder that the public are left bemused by the Lefts’ call for change. The vision of the Left is blurred by yesterday and the lack of a policy of representation and comradeship. Past infamies forgotten, the Left in politics strive to keep their dream alive.

Many on the Left cannot understand why capitalism continues remorselessly, and why the people do not rise in opposition. However, like their (so called) intellectual brothers the people have no vision of a future as they are too tired from everyday routine and pondering every night on a tomorrow that will be the same.

The poor retreat into a come-what-may attitude and religion. Meanwhile their erstwhile leaders scramble for a foothold in tomorrow’s world by borrowing a Liberal overcoat. All the people hear is rabble-rousing of a thousand diverse voices challenging them to join the battle. But food must be put on the table and a semblance of self must be given space.

In essence, the Left are more lost in the political wilderness than their poor brethren. Karl Popper, sums it up neatly, “…we hate the very idea that we may be mistaken. So we cling dogmatically to our conjectures, as long as possible”. Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Reluctance to change has been emphasized just recently at the World Economic ForumthXCVP4YWC in Davos, Switzerland, when a couple of the protesting groups decided to end their campaigns at the venue after 15 years. For over 20 years various groups on the Left have been protesting against the participants at Davos and what they represent. Sad to say but the protesters have achieved nothing.

Attacking the Dmen on site is a waste of time and energy. It brings the media to their defence and has the protesters demonized. What good does it do for the ordinary Joe?


Pub commentator: What’s it gonna change? Nutting mate. So, what’s the point mate, thN7AC3ES5eh? (Should be on Radio 4)

Old Granny: They should do something with their lives instead of all that screaming and stuff; causing trouble. Why don’t they get a job?

Conspiracy theorist: It’s a gang of fascists paid by the Dmen to make sure they get publicity. No kidding!

The Davos meeting is of the rich and famous in business and the political wanna-bes who have been holding an annual meeting for over 40 years. The blurb they issue says they’re committed to improving the state of the world by:

  • Sustained economic growth
  • Mitigating global risks
  • Promoting health for all
  • Improving social welfare
  • Fostering environmental sustainability

I’m afraid the Dmen have not been very successful; 40 + years on and they haven’t achieved any of their goals. During their watch we have had several financial crises culminating in the debacle of 2008 which is still smouldering. And every day the environment takes another battering: oil spills, plastic islands in the ocean’s and rain forest depletion. Throughout Europe and elsewhere wages are falling, employment rights ‘tossed in the dustbin of history’ (Trotsky), welfare payments cut and slavery on the increase.

thB7VOPRTBIt is simply incredulous that they have the balls to turn up every year. Well, with 5* accommodation, 5* food, 5* wine and 5* scotch (can I join?) lots of hobnobbing to size up a good deal and photo shoots galore to impress the natives back home, who wouldn’t. After all, they are of the Clan ‘Id’ which Freud describes as “…knows no judgements of value: no good or evil and no morality…” The Clan ‘Id’ thrive on instinctive and primitive urges of the pleasure principle. For us, well, there’s always a pint and a kebab.           www.psychology.about.com

“Professional men, they have no cares;

Whatever happens, they get theirs.”    

Ogden Nash

And where are the defenders of the people? Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyists, Stalinists, Anarchists and piss-artists, so many ‘ists’, factions by the score. The sheer number of groups is evidence that the Left is split asunder. Out of date and out of touch, for the workers they won’t do much. That they cannot agree on a platform is an indication of the number of little Stalinist’s out there. It’s their way or no way. The people don’t need a shepherd, some understanding and a touch of guidance would help. The hearts of the Left are beating soundly but their solutions are awry. They need to stop chasing rainbows! It is not about equality in life, it’s about quality of life.

We will never be equal in all aspects of life. There are too many variances of input into a child’s upbringing and a whole myriad of interpretations that determine the adult outcome. This is why we have artists, bookworms, those who love figures – the maths kind, and others who will be happy to do-up old bangers. It’s what makes us so damn beautiful. But one thing we should all agree upon is that no human being is more important than another. It’s about fairness and a tad of respect.

A failure to understand, a failure to listen, and thus a failure to open their mind to new possibilities is what has the Left stuck in a mire of righteousness. Their dogma conditions them to push, demand and force the people into their vision. The die-hards scream and the sycophants follow as they seek to impose their philosophy on the majority, blind to the fact that such a move is fascist. Stand-up Josef Stalin!

“We become the makers of our fate when we have ceased to pose as its prophets”. Karl Popper   The Open Society and its Enemies

In cahoots with the Liberal and wishy-washy Conservatives, the workers are entitled to feel abandoned by the Left. A case in point is that of political correctness. There was no discussion with the people, no opinions sought, just accept or you’re a —- train load of abuse. It was a forced-march and many felt violated by the incursion into their everyday use of language and violated by the abuse they had to endure. The same can be said about multiculturalism. Again many felt they were being frogmarched into an ill-conceived agenda and it all seemed very much one way traffic.

But to treat Human Rights (HR) as a political whip is inexcusable. Again holding onto the coat tails of the professional classes the Left made HR a source of ridicule and much pub banter to such an extent that it is almost discredited. HR is too important to be bandied about as a politically correct minority case study. And then to try to create divisions in society by suggesting a split between the older and younger generation is the ‘last refuge of a scoundrel’. (Samuel Johnson)

Made brazen by their fervour for minority point scoring they let their passion rip on a biased political agenda. No thought, except of contempt, for the majority view is indicative of what is wrong in politics in the UK. This is not the politics for the people but the indoctrination of the people. Fascists everywhere will be amused by the flexibility of democracy.

A belief has grown among politicians and those who term themselves the intelligentsia that democracy can be utilised to impose their specific political agenda. Beware of arrogance or you may find that when your Lexus breaks down you may need a tank to get back.

Left to rot or to fester the people are let loose to make do as best they can. To contendthZL6SLM4X with the vagaries of the system and at the mercy of the capitalists who are riding roughshod over them. The belief in the democratic process will wane in consequence and poverty will raise its ugly head and snare many more aimless drifters. The traditional ‘life net’ afforded by the Left and the unions are gone; for the parties are estranged. The future is now a guessing game and a case of come-what-may.                                                  Out of context but nonetheless poignant:

“Something was dead in each of us,

And what was dead was Hope.”

Oscar Wilde   The Ballad of Reading Gaol